Reviews for "Flow Runner"

fun and cute! i love the style and i can't wait to see what else you've got in store :)

Amni3D responds:

Well, I'm glad some of you peeps want to see what I have next. And I hope to deliver.

It's an alright game. I like that you gave the player a chance to get the "Just this once" deal with the shopkeeper. The game is frusturating, and it would be helpful.

Amni3D responds:

Yeah, there's not much safety nets in this game, and frustrating is a common criticism this gets. While making a game difficult is a tough balance, there's plenty I could've done here to make it less annoying to play. I think it's one of the reasons some people put down the game and not get past 1km.
Definitely noted, although I want to make games with an air of difficulty. Just I need to do that part more competently.

Woooooooo!! Made it to 7008m, fun yet frustrating. Thanks for the game!

Amni3D responds:

I'm surprised how far some of you peeps get, really!
And thanks.

it's really cool! i really like the interactions with the shop person man thing and the dude you play as too

Amni3D responds:

That's actually one of the last things I ended up adding into the game! I think that little more does add an air of character to it all.

Rather enjoyed it.

Did encounter 1 problem where i smacked very fast into a wall just short of being able to grab it and got stuck in it. double jump couldn't save me and couldn't fall to my death, had to wait for the screen to pass over to kill me.

I feel there's not much for replayability (I'm sure that's a real word -_-). you learn the set map sections quite easily even when you get new ones. I personally feel there's not enough at the moment of variety for sections as I've played 20 minutes max and already can identify the map sections at the sight of the first piece. Also I think leveling up should be harder or have more levels but less of a boost per level.

Amni3D responds:

Yeah, I'm aware of that collision glitch. Would be a total pain to fix, and I'm no longer updating this.

Tilemaps could've used more variation in terms of each set piece, rather than trying to brute force it with more set pieces. I was thinking of making new locations with varied tropes, but I think the core framework needs to be better before I'd bother with that. I feel this idea could play so much better if I take a look at it some other time with lessons learned.

But it's cool you can find fun out of it!