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Reviews for "Flow Runner"

my best score is 1408!

Amni3D responds:

Neat! You're doing good.

This is a fun game. I think I found a bug that lets me steal level ups by using the arrows to high light a cheep item the quickly click the level up.

Amni3D responds:

That isn't it. There's a hidden haggle mechanic that was a part of a "Luck" stat that was removed as the leveling system became more streamlined. If you're close enough to a product's price, there's a chance the shop keeper will give it to you anyway.

So the message says, "Just this once..." rather than "Purchased!".

Also, thanks!

Its prety clean and simple, like a popular mobile game. The only think that its probably a little anoying is that there's no option to change the controls, and the hey to go down (X) is above the key to go up (space).

Is like inverted Y of mouse XD
Also, I put my keyboard on my back like the inverted Y mouse and the controls feel so natural! (But I'm also feel stupid on that pose XD)
But overthise that, the game is so great!

Amni3D responds:

Yeah, that's input I'll keep in mind for next time. I stuck with what was more or less the more popular layout for web games, but I can see why it annoys some of you. And depending on the complexity of the game, I'll look into rebindable controls.

I'm immediately getting Sonic vibes with the character. He runs like him, boosts like him, stomps like him...

Was this originally from the Generations engine?

Amni3D responds:

Heavy Sonic inspiration indeed (although I don't feel that it plays like him in practice: different gameplay loop, downplays momentum in comparison, etc).

The game didn't start out as a mod or fangame, or anything to do with Generations in specific. I just took heavy inspiration from Sonic Runners particularly.

I think its good. Controls are slightly confusing but that is just me.

Amni3D responds:

Try the Xbox Controller bindings if the Keyboard controls don't stick with you. Sorry to hear that. It turns out rebindable controls are valuable even in a web game, so that's on me.

Glad you think its fun.