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Reviews for "Flow Runner"

"3.5D Endless runner" You can't a half of a dimension like that, that's not how physics work ;-;

Anyways, best is 2548m :T

Amni3D responds:

It says "2.5D" which usually means it's in 3D, but in a 2D view point. For example, NSMB and Sonic 4 categorize as 2.5D.

That score's good. But who am I to say, people are hitting 10K+. I'm pretty low in the score board in comparison, even :v

Dont stop run

Amni3D responds:

new genre name, even

Best is 1574

Amni3D responds:

Not too bad. Try to tackle the 2000m medal.

my best score is 1408!

Amni3D responds:

Neat! You're doing good.

This is a fun game. I think I found a bug that lets me steal level ups by using the arrows to high light a cheep item the quickly click the level up.

Amni3D responds:

That isn't it. There's a hidden haggle mechanic that was a part of a "Luck" stat that was removed as the leveling system became more streamlined. If you're close enough to a product's price, there's a chance the shop keeper will give it to you anyway.

So the message says, "Just this once..." rather than "Purchased!".

Also, thanks!