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Reviews for "Flow Runner"

Pretty and well made game, I'm pretty garbage at it but the mechanics are solid and the visuals are nice to look at :)

Replying to author: Oh no! I just meant I’m not good at the game, not that it was unfairly hard. I’m pretty awful at platformers and runners in general.

Amni3D responds:

Although, I will say the game is a little unfair, so I'm not entirely sure on the "garbage" part. It is a bit unforgiving, though.

i absolutely love this game, definitely following anything you work on next. one problem though is that while all of my medals appear, my high score does not show on the leader board. i don't know if that's the game or Newgrounds but either way fantastic game, keep it up!

Amni3D responds:

You're on the highscore list as 1777m. A lot of people came at me with "medal and highscore" bugs, but I think it's more that NG is a bit slow updating medals and scores sometimes. And other times some peeps have connection issues. I'm pretty sure it's not the game's code at this point since I went in a bunch to fix related bugs and checked a bunch.

I'm glad you like the game! Rather than keeping it up, here's hoping for one better.

8125m highest score and unlocked all medals. Great game but needs more mechanics and a way to kill those birds without hurting yourself.
EDIT: 15913m high score

Amni3D responds:

Yeah, the game wasn't designed in mind with longer runs, and I had ideas for other mechanics, but felt like it was more worth it to get this out the door due to the time spent on it. Ideas for another time.
I don't know about the birds, but the slimes could've been enemies that could be bounced off of. The birds I think are fine outside of difficulty. I mean, once you dodge their hit and bait them into a wall I guess that counts as beating them, since they get knocked out.

I had enemy ideas, platforming ideas, and lessons learned in general but here I thought it was worth wrapping up the project, maybe coming back at it some other time.

This game is fun. I keep running into Kirby lol

Amni3D responds:

I never thought he looked like Kirby.. But now that you mention it, *sort of?*

Awesome game, but Newgrounds somehow doesn't show that I got the Distance 3 badge.

Amni3D responds:

But you got the medal, I checked!
Also, thanks, glad you liked the game.