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WARNING for CHROME users: on Chrome, sometimes the game starts with no sound nor music. Just click inside the gamescreen, and after a few seconds sounds should load normally.

NO AUTOSAVE! Remember, this game doesn't auto-save your progress. You need to manually save your game whenever you want: you can do that in the in-game menu (press "W" to access it).

use the "A" key to select the "move" interaction;
use the "S" key to select the "examine" interaction;
use the "D" key to select the "use" interaction;
use the "W" key to open the in-game menu.

If "The Last Door" by TheGameKitchen was "a love letter to Lovecraft", Inherit is my personal love letter to the first installments of "The Last Half of Darkness" franchise.
Inherit is a point'n'click horror game that tries to create the feeling of old-school adventure games. Enter uncle Yorick's and aunt Lydia's mansion, and try to solve the mystery hidden between its walls...

Check "How to Play" before starting a New Game, all controls and interactions are explained there!
Press "F" to toggle fullscreen on/off (recommended)

Thanks to @RainbowCemetery for helping me with a nasty Unity issue!


If you get stuck at some point, here's a text walkthrough:
(it's a direct download from my dumping grounds on NG)


Now, clicking anywhere on the screen when an inventory item is selected no longer deselects the item.
The "Out of memory" error some users reported should now be fixed.
UPDATE 01/18/2019: clicking new game now shows up the "how to play" screen before actually starting. Many people missed the keyboard shortcuts for the interactions, so I did this to avoid misunderstandings about the controls.
UPDATE 01/20/2019: fixed a couple of things regarding books.
UPDATE 01/25/2019: fixed some spelling errors and a minor quirk about a book.

Whoa, Frontpaged! Thank you very much, guys!!

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Very confusing but pretty cool

Nirag responds:

Thank you!

Very great game! I think the difficulty is reasonable, and I found it incredibly enjoyable. It took me very long to finish it, and I did not even notice the walkthrough, but it was so worth it. I liked reading the diaries and getting a glimpse on what happened to Lydia and Yorick, especially when clues were in the text. After dealing with Lydia's ghost and Lahmani and coming across the two vampire girls, I was so worried about how to deal with them and thought "vampires do not like salt, right? Or is the paper cutter made out of silver?"

The only thing that frustrated me was gathering Yorick's dust, because I was close to finishing the game. I kept yelling "Girl, just put it in your pocket so we can yeet the evil spirit out of this house." Other than that, I very much enjoyed playing this game. I would give it a 6/5! :D

Nirag responds:

Hey, thank you for your kind words!! :)

The vampire girls were just an easter egg of "The Last Half of Darkness", no need to deal with them!

One of the best games I've seen so far, but I do have a few complaints, one, the saving feature isn't working for me and I'm not sure why, and two, I'm tried my best to beat the game without a walkthrough but I have no idea where the code for the tower could be, I have a feeling that I'm missing a part of it but no matter how hard I look I am unable to find it.

Other than my difficulties and preferences when it comes to beating the game, this is an amazing game with a super interesting story and I have a feeling I'll be coming back to replay it and find the more subtle things I missed! Cannot wait to see what else you create.

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!
Regarding the difficulty, maybe I've made some parts a little too cryptic... I've put a text walkthrough in case I had made it too hard! (it's my first "proper" game, and I'm still learning how to properly balance difficulty).
For the tower's code, check the metronome in the music room, and look into the music book in the top shelf to get a numeric reference.
Regarding the issue with the save files, that's very strange! Can you tell me via pm which browser you're using?

Thank you very much again, I hope you'll like my next games!

I love this game!
There are only two things I'd like to point out:
1.- The charcoal for the note. I never thought of doing so and for that I needed to open the walkthrough. I kept on trying to rub dusty stuff with the rag in hopes it would work.
2.- Discoverying the vanishing ritual. Also had to open the walkthrough, tought the curvy lines were decoration :b

Besides that, it was fantastic! Very good atmosphere, I really got scared at some moments, and I was weary of entering any new room lol
Love it! Congrats!

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback!
Sorry for those two things, it's my first "proper" game, so I didn't know how to adjust the difficulty curve... I put a walkthrough in case I made some things a little too cryptic!

i really like this game very good challenging puzzles i love everything about it hope there is more to come with this creator cause i gotta say very good story line...one question.... what do you do with the two vampire girls in the gazebo they dont attack you and it doesnt say anything about them in the end....curiouis... another story perhaps a sequel involving those two? very curious that would be interesting and if so maybe somehow releasing them in the first one makes it possible for some other action in the second... that would be cool... look foward to seeing where and how this ends up :) very good game... five stars.

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much, I'm happy you liked it! :)
Regarding the two vampire girls, that's an easter egg from the 1989 horror game "The Last Half Of Darkness", a game I loved and which inspired me in the creation of Inherit. If you look it up on google images, you'll see where the girls come from!
I have ideas for other games, just waiting to have some time to work on them!

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3.89 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2019
12:06 PM EST