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Reviews for "Inherit"

the walkthrough helped me a lot. ADVICE FOR NEW PLAYERS: save your game or you might have to start from the begining

Nirag responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Loved the graphics, story, and gameplay. Spoiler alert? .......
the part were you can die and have to start over was annoying. I didn't expect that so hadn't saved.

Nirag responds:

Thank you! Sorry for that, I didn't implement autosave so you need to save manually from time to time.

I love this game but i felt it was just a bit too vauge at points but most p a c's are like this but solid game good job BUT you did put a walk though so thanks for that

Nirag responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I put a walkthrough because at one point I got worried that the game could be too obscure at some points... glad it helped!

I'm am so sad that I completed this game, I've literally got absorbed into the story of it and it has kept me on the edge of my seat.

All I can say to the creator is that you did an amazing job without having to go above and beyond like with what you would see in most pixel games.

I'm excited that you've made more than just this one because now I know from just playing this game what I can expect in all your other ones; so now I can't wait to start playing those too.

Keep doing what your doing because not many possess the same kind of gift and talent that you have as an game creator.

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!!! What you said means a lot to me, I hope you'll like my next games!

could have added auto save

Nirag responds:

Thank you for the feedback!