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Reviews for "Inherit"

A super, old-school point-and-click game!
Loved the atmosphere, loved the story, loved the graphics, loved the music.
Nice size, clear puzzles, (almost) pixel hunting-free.
I even found the Easter Egg.
Thanks for making a game like this (and making it free) in 2019!!!
(Plus, it's nice to see that something so good was made by a fellow Italian! [Nice English, by the way!]. Just one question: the "River Po" book is an extract from a real book or was it totally made up?)

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!
Nice to meet another italian here! :)
The "Ruins on the Po river" book is a pseudo-extract made up by my brother Platonov (who wrote another pseudo-extract, "At the end of autumn", which can also be found in the study).
Thank you for the kind words, too, I hope you'll like my next games!

It's a little dificult to navigate thanks to the controls, but still a good game.

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!

Its been a LONNG time since I found a game worth playing here!!!
Great atmosphere! My only complaint is the game is a bit too hard and even the text walkthrough is a bit inspecific.
EDIT: I`ve just realised the `Undying One`is a reference to Undyne from Undertale LOL
Edit 2: OK now I feel uncomfortable Yorick's birthday is also mine :0

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much for the review and the feedback!

Absolutely fantastic game! Good story, awesome dark and gloomy atmosphere and challenging too! Definitely worth a play. I do agree that the controls were somewhat uncomfortable but you get used to them. Keep up the great work! I look forward to your next project!

Nirag responds:

Thank you veru much!!

Very good game! I think the controls could be tightened up a bit (some items can only be interacted with and not looked at, and some only looked at and not interacted with, and because of the modes, you might miss this) however it's a minor annoyance. The game's long and doesn't handhold, which are positives in my book.

My only question is with the last puzzle, which I solved by essentially assembling all the items I had left and using them. Did I miss a book that explained what I was supposed to be doing?

There was a real sense that the world of the game was wider than the story itself, with several supernatural entities described but not encountered, and lots of mysterious paintings and books. Good stuff! Were the two girls an in-joke I didn't get, though?

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!!
About the last puzzle: what needs to be done is explained in a book found in a secret cache under the little statue in the study. The cache opens only when you put the red gem in the empty eye socket of the bigger statue in the greenhouse. At the end of this book, use the paperknife in the last page to reveal some hidden pages.
The two girls are two enemies from the first "The Last Half of Darkness" game (1989). Just a reference to the game that provided me the inspiration!
Thank you again for the kind words!