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Reviews for "Inherit"

Pretty good game, wrote this review out while playing through the game.

During the prologue, there is a grammar error:

" transform the house in a rat colony" should be "transform the house into a rat colony."

During the overall game, the mouse should made a few pixels smaller, just my opinion. Feels like it takes up a bit of a space to me.

In the upper left room of the house, the book about Tempo speeds repeats the second page onto an entirely new page. Was it meant to be two or three pages? Or was the third page meant to be other notes?

In Yorick's bedroom - in his diary on April 19th:

"put a security door to the tower probably he was" should be "put a security door to the tower; probably he was" for the sentence.

After that, had a little difficulty completing the game before consulting your walk-through. Very well made game and I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into this game. :D

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much for the review!
And thank you for the feedback, too, I'll look into those things! :)

This is a shining example of old school "Good" adventure gaming. Excellent work here. Damn fine.

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!

Well made. :)

Nirag responds:

Thank you! :)

Great game! and don't think I didn't notice the undying one reference. I've seen it in other comments but I do agree that and automatic move option would be a better choice. old graphics setup works well for this type of game.

Nirag responds:

Glad that you noticed the reference! :)
Thank you for the feedback and the review!

A TON of EFFORT has been put into this game.

Nirag responds:

Thank you!