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The Guts of The City – Episode I

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Cat Lady 5 Points

When the cat is away, the mice will play.

Mr. Knife Guy 5 Points

You got the kid's knife.

Blind Person's Guide 10 Points

You guide blind people.

Bone Collector 10 Points

You found a rotten finger.

Cable Guy 10 Points

You know your cables and wires.

Friend of Children 10 Points

You help children change their stories.

Georgie 10 Points

You discovered a way to the sewers.

Latchkey Child 10 Points

You got a car key.

Latchkey Child 2 10 Points

You got an other key.

Pied Piper 10 Points

You fed a rat.

A Heart for Children 25 Points

You seem to have a heart for children.

Bone Collector 2 25 Points

Limbs and fingers are your thing.

Rich Bitch 25 Points

You found the Roofer's treasure.

Whale Watcher 25 Points

You stole 30K from a Whale Guy.

Foodie 50 Points

Clubber's dead, the kid's free and you got something to eat.

Goon 50 Points

You're a goon now – or more precisely you were one.

Killer 50 Points

You're a cold hearted killer.

Killer With a Heart 50 Points

You're a killer with a heart.

Shakespeare 50 Points

To kill or be killed – that is the question.

Visually Impaired 50 Points

I guess you're visually impaired.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

An Atmospheric Horror Game!

Game Features

- Become a part of an atmospheric dystopian world!
- Make tough moral decisions!
- Explore a hostile city full of mysteries!
- Play as a beggar kid and make it through the day!
- Discover multiple endings!
- Solve riddles and follow creepy rumors!
- Enjoy this arty horror adventure!

For those who already played the alpha: The handles are much smoother now and I made the game longer and added more choices and endings!

Thanks for playing!

Edit, 10/24/17: added medals.

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Love this game! Full of scares and enjoyable different storylines. Any clue on the departed medal? :)

Joenu responds:

Thanks for playing! For the departed medal read my youtube comment below this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTLmJAu0VDo&t

Well, after a reply from the creator two years ago, reading through everyone's comments and finally watching a YouTube walkthough I have finally learned that "hit the tree that hits back" is NOT a stoner/weed reference and is in fact A CRUCIAL PART OF THE GAMEPLAY! Never been past the sewers but I am finally excited to play the rest of this friggin game now lol

Joenu responds:

Lol, nice that you came back for it. :)

A pretty good psychological game, I would even call it a masterpiece and the best thing I've played in recent times, the only minus is that I couldn’t understand what to do for about 10 minutes and how to go further, but the atmosphere is just amazing. I would like to see a continuation in the future, I really liked this gloomy atmosphere,100\6

Joenu responds:

Thanks so much! :)

Won't run these games on Firefox browser?

Joenu responds:

As long as you have the flash player installed it should run. But I‘m not an expert:)

Amazing atmosphere. I hope there'll be more episodes even though it's been a year since this was released.

Joenu responds:

Thanks a lot! I hope so too;) But it's hard to find time, since I made the game all by myself. But I have some great ideas for the next episode(s). Stay patient :)