Reviews for "The Guts of The City – Episode I"

I've only played through it once but I feel that's enough to be able to tell you that this is WONDERFUL. I live and breathe point and click horror games. This atmosphere is hard to come by and I am ready to fully enjoy your game with different endings as soon as I am done writing this. You gain a backer as well.

Unrelated to the game; If you want more than a $9 donation I think It'd help to add different perks other than stars to your name in the credits.

Joenu responds:

Oh yeah! :) Thank you so much!!! You made my day!

Very good start of an expectantly good series. Only the Departer medal eludes me, but I'm too busy enjoying the ambience and apropos SFX to mind too much.

This Game is very cool. I'm addicted since the first short version of it. I Almost got all medals now. Only the "GOON" the "SHAKESPEARE" and the Departer one are missing. Is there a way to recieve help in this cases?

Just as little feedback for improvemnet, an options button would be great. There you cold chose the loudness of SoundFX and Music. Also areset to start wold be cool.

Go on with this great development i really like the style and the artwork.

a philosophical horror with multiple endings, cool! :D

Could someone please tell me how to get the Departer medal?

very nice! only flaw, as many have mentioned already, is not being able to skip dialogue. hope to see part 2 soon brotha!