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Reviews for "The Guts of The City – Episode I"

You're getting only 1 star for this because it takes way too long to load! You can start the game loading, go away, cook a pizza, eat the pizza, poop out the pizza, and the game will still be loading.

I really wish Newgrounds had a filesize limit to submissions or at least a stricter one. There's really no excuse for these submissions which are just way too huge in filesize! Trim it way down, by like at least 90%.

Too bad only one other person even mentioned this glaringly-obvious problem, and that review is all the way back on the very last page, being the very first review for the game. Only in his case he didn't actually stick around to see the game does eventually load (it does).

I don't care how good the game might otherwise be, 1 star max for what amounts to extreme abuse of the bandwidth and patience of anyone who stumbles upon this game.

very nice! only flaw, as many have mentioned already, is not being able to skip dialogue. hope to see part 2 soon brotha!

I highly enjoyed this game. I love the creative side to it and how you played with the shadows of the characters to make it a little more interesting and creepy. Some things to possibly thing about in episode II would be to add dialogue skipping and update the menu. I wouldn't make it too different because I think its too far of a jump when the next game's looks and controls are entirely different. Try to keep it on the same style, it would tie the games together nicely. But all in all this game was really interesting and has a really good story line. Keep at it and cannot wait for episode II!


This is a very fun game! I love the fact you used grey scale and only broke it to use red. I think it adds to the spooky element. Some criticism I do have are that it would be nice to have a saving ability so you can save whenever you please and return to the point. The other thing that's needed is the ability to skip dialogue. Other then those two minor things, this is really good! Thank you for all your hard work and please keep it up!

Also if you don't mind, would you mind assisting me in getting "Departer" and "Killer with a Heart". Thank you very much for everything and for just reading!