Reviews for "The Guts of The City – Episode I"

This is a very fun game! I love the fact you used grey scale and only broke it to use red. I think it adds to the spooky element. Some criticism I do have are that it would be nice to have a saving ability so you can save whenever you please and return to the point. The other thing that's needed is the ability to skip dialogue. Other then those two minor things, this is really good! Thank you for all your hard work and please keep it up!

Also if you don't mind, would you mind assisting me in getting "Departer" and "Killer with a Heart". Thank you very much for everything and for just reading!

Skipping dialogues would be nice.

It's not a bad game. I like the variation, though it gets boring going through the same steps over and over just for one new line of dialogue. A skip button would be nice. It takes forever to load and it's very large in size, too, which may go hand-in-hand-in-hand. Perhaps downsizing the screen and making the content skip-able for certain purposes would help. I'm also struggling with the departure medal, after getting all the others without issue. I can' think of any outcome that would get me that one.

Wowzers, this was quite a ride! I don't think I had the chance to catch my breath going from one seedy happenstance to the next, and I have to say the whole darn thing was pretty exhilarating (and at times pretty terrifying!).

Keep up the great work, really hope you get the time to make Episode 2 because I want to know more about this weird place!


a philosophical horror with multiple endings, cool! :D

Could someone please tell me how to get the Departer medal?