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Reviews for "The Guts of The City – Episode I"

great game! lots of twists and turns and jump-scares. It works really well, and makes me want all the possible outcomes. You really have something here, and if i find myself with more than 30 grand i will throw in my support for development.

that said i am at a loss as to how i get the goon and depater achievements, buddy can you spare a hint?

Joenu responds:

Thanks a lot! I've sent you a pm.

This is good, with a really unique and creepy art style. I didn't mind replaying to find all the endings, though a save feature and/or dialogue skip option would've made that a little less tedious. And like others I too would love to know how to get the Departer medal.

Joenu responds:

Sent you a pm with a hint.

I've only played through it once but I feel that's enough to be able to tell you that this is WONDERFUL. I live and breathe point and click horror games. This atmosphere is hard to come by and I am ready to fully enjoy your game with different endings as soon as I am done writing this. You gain a backer as well.

Unrelated to the game; If you want more than a $9 donation I think It'd help to add different perks other than stars to your name in the credits.

Joenu responds:

Oh yeah! :) Thank you so much!!! You made my day!

this stripper need to go to the hospice,NOW!

Really fun game, and a cool concept. I think a save feature might be handy for this game, but it's still a great game! How on earth do you get the "departer" medal? :/