Reviews for "The Guts of The City – Episode I"

This Game is very cool. I'm addicted since the first short version of it. I Almost got all medals now. Only the "GOON" the "SHAKESPEARE" and the Departer one are missing. Is there a way to recieve help in this cases?

Just as little feedback for improvemnet, an options button would be great. There you cold chose the loudness of SoundFX and Music. Also areset to start wold be cool.

Go on with this great development i really like the style and the artwork.

Very good start of an expectantly good series. Only the Departer medal eludes me, but I'm too busy enjoying the ambience and apropos SFX to mind too much.

A nice, little game with grim atmosphere that doesn't stray away from itself at any point, is consistent and properly presented. Interesting choice of art, especially the faces, adds the the overall vibe.

Could use an option to skip dialogue, for faster replayability, that's the only real negative I can think of.

A great experience. I really liked the art and story telling and especially the "priest" had nice books he was preaching from xD I managed to get almost every medal by putting together the hints the game gave me except the secret one. The only thing wich I think was kinda annoying was that if you go for all endings and medals you have to play it over and over again. For that I would have liked a save file or at least fast forward to specific moments after completing it the first time or skip animation thingy.

Nice experience,chilling,and at the same time,captivating,