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Reviews for "The Guts of The City – Episode I"

Pretty awesome, may i say. I just wanted it to have a way to know how many different ends are there to find since I found at least 4:
- Got the money and free the kid on the cage safely (good end?);
- Getting not enough money;
- Killing Clubber; &
- Be killed.
I don't know if these are all of them, but it really had get more interesting after playing the alpha.

Seems nice. Minimalistic in a good way, atmospheric and with intuitive gameplay. I like it

This was really atmospheric and cool. Use of music was great and so were the dialogues and art. The world created in this tale is really gloomy and interesting.

I have played the alpha version and I must say that the author has done a good job of making this game longer, adding a lot on nonlinearity in the end and getting rid of some clumsy interface bugs. There are at least four very different endings in this updated version.

The ending where you bring Clubber an amount of money that pleases him is probably intended as the best one, although I find the one where you kill him yourself the most satisfactory.

I raise my rating by one star, compared to my rating for alpha version, for a longer and more nonlinear gameplay.

Things that could be added to improve this even more (or make a better sequel):

- Make the ending screen show how many endings you have unlocked and maybe give you some playtrough score in numbers or percentages, based on your choices, how many baddies died and good guys survived. Of course the main factor for score being - did player survives, because there is ending where player dies. For an example how this is done see the game called : A Small Favor. That is also a very good point and click game about choices in dystopian society. Analysis of playtrough at ending will motivate more players to try again and be more attentive. Newgrounds medals for unlocking every ending would be nice too.
- Make the fullscreen option - the game is very atmospheric, but a windowed game with newgrounds ads at sides doesn't give full immersion.
- Make a an animated cursor - also for immersion purposes.

My recommendations for the sequel is that it makes choices from the first game also relevant, either by fully including the first game or by sharing a savefile, like it is done for example in Zombie Society interactive comics games by Muja, that can also be found on Newgrounds.

On overall, this game is good. Still not as great as some other browser adventure games, like the ones I mentioned as examples in my review, but it's nice to see that the author of this game is making progress and I have reasonable hope that the sequel will be on the level with the best browser point and click games there are.

I like how you expanded the whole story. You also did a good job on resolving those bugs you where struggling with earlier on. It now looks like a nice and solid first chapter.

Thank you for sharing this.

Original story. The rough art style, colours and sounds nicely fits the horrid atmosphere. GJ!