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Sanguine 2 is a platforming game where you play as Eleanor, a vampire who abducts humans to drink their blood. While you must be sneaky to get the drop on people, monsters have begun to run rampant and must be destroyed with your axe. Once you find the chain, you can hook into any surface and traverse the land in new ways.

The game has has three overworlds with four levels and a boss lair within each, along with secret locations and power ups. Collect keys from completing levels or discovering secrets to unlock the boss lair of each world. Souls can be found throughout levels, for without them, your dying will send you into the death world where you'll need to climb your way back out and harvest more souls.

Arrows - Movement & Duck
S - Jump & Grab Ledge
D - Attack
C - Chain
Ctrl or Click Corner Gem - Pause and open game menu

All controls can be rebound in the game menu, though beware of some keyboards not inputing certain key combinations being pressed at the same time! The key config menu will flash keys as they are pressed, so if one of them won't flash while another is held down, try binding different keys.

Update 1.0.1 - Added a lantern to the bridge on world 1 to help players identify it as an enterable level. Added text to the key config so players will know that it lets them configure their hotkeys. Added two helper gravestones to instruct players on bouncing off sprockets and grabbing ledges. Shaved 4 frames of the startup of the chain twirl, I'd doubt you'd notice!

Update 1.0.2 - Potential bugfix for a rare freeze glitch on the overworld.

Update 1.0.3 - Added a music toggle to the main menu. Eleanor's movement slows down faster (minor) when no keys are pressed, on the ground, and without blood.

Update 1.0.4 - The chain is significantly faster, but now causes less lift. Air attack landing lag has been removed. Sliding has been decreased by a slight but notable amount. Minor adjustments to later levels to make them easier.

Update 1.0.5+6 - Fixed issues with the chain in numerous levels. Slight adjustments to movement physics (again). Fixed a bug that didn't let you change directions on the opening frames of an air attack. Deleted/Altered some cosmetic doors that were causing confusion. Adjusted Iron Maidens attack speed and Banshee spawns.


Everything is decent. The animation seems to flow smoothly enough, the vampire mechanics intriguing, and the story- from what I know of it- seems to hint at something more. However, I didn't have fun playing this. Why? The hook and chain is slow and limited, making platforming difficult. The buttons, as well, do not feel very comfortable. Having the ring finger on the jump button seems a little counter-intuitive to a platformer. And finally, the most grievous offense is the slippery nature of the player character's movements. These slippery controls make platforming unnecessarily hard and frustrating. To a platformer, this is the most damning, as precision jumps are the focus of them. The tightness of the controls is he thing that determines the enjoyment of a player, and I have to say, unfortunately, this game is ruined because of this one factor.

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RayBeckham responds:

I just replayed the game after almost a year and I have to say I kind of agree with some of your points.

Having to press forward, up, jump and chain at the same time is 4 different inputs... something that was hard for a lot of people to do (I wouldn't have thought, live and learn). The chain is slow and doesn't add fluidity to movement... it's got some cool factor to it, but it doesn't feel well integrated.

The buttons aren't very comfortable but can be rebound.

I'm not really sure how you mean the controls are slippery. You mean general movement? Eleanor can go from full speed to a stop by hitting the opposite direction and you halt before spanning a single tile.

Most levels are giant expanses of floor with an occasional pit. Sliding doesn't hamper your ability to press jump before you go over a ledge. Hell, the segments that require you to air attack sprockets are pretty brutal since, if you time it wrong, you swing in the wrong direction. I definitely don't like how hard that is.

Sanguine is more about monsters to fight and humans to stealth up to... it's never been much for platforming and I feel like I focused too much on that. In both games. The early levels seem too spacious while the later levels are too long and difficult. Pacing issues. I definitely bit off a lot more than I could chew with this game and was forced to take a long break in the middle of development. As long as i'm solo, I think I should focus on shorter, easier to learn, tighter games.

I do like the atmosphere, song, sound, colors... I tried to throw in some fun things like the lady being carried off by gargoyles. Some of the creatures are wonderful, the dancing jack o lantern guy, the armored axe thrower... even tentacles ended up being an interesting monster interaction since you can mash jump to get out before taking damage. World 2 with the creature in the cornfield and the ghost that appears when the lights flicker in the mansion... I think those are the real strengths of this game.

It's a long, challenging, thankless job that I didn't get paid for, lol. But I hope I come through for you next time, bud. Take care and find some good games to play!

Dear Ray Beckham,congratulations.Sanguine 2 is an exceptional flash game, totally one of my fav flash game i've ever played.Don't mind the pessimists comments,there's more to see with Sanguine and I hope you'll go through creating a third game(and a bit more if possible) . Keep going. I enjoyed Sanguine and I (we) loved Sanguine 2.

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Not too bad, good graphics and music. It jsut takes me awhile to get where I want to go and get the drop on victims. Neat game though.

this game is really interesting and has good gameplay , sprites , and music but its challenging at times but besides this game is really good :D

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I really like the game.

Like the ''Exlipse''s review. Its something missing in the game. And its the medal system.
Medal system really gives a reason to play for us. If the game doesn't have a deep story.

But it is still great. I really love playing as a vampire charcter. Also ''drinking blood'' thing.

Love the pixels! I hope you make a medal system or a sequel for this beauty

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Oct 3, 2016
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