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Sanguine 2

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Sanguine 2 is a platforming game where you play as Eleanor, a vampire who abducts humans to drink their blood. While you must be sneaky to get the drop on people, monsters have begun to run rampant and must be destroyed with your axe. Once you find the chain, you can hook into any surface and traverse the land in new ways.

The game has has three overworlds with four levels and a boss lair within each, along with secret locations and power ups. Collect keys from completing levels or discovering secrets to unlock the boss lair of each world. Souls can be found throughout levels, for without them, your dying will send you into the death world where you'll need to climb your way back out and harvest more souls.

Arrows - Movement & Duck
S - Jump & Grab Ledge
D - Attack
C - Chain
Ctrl or Click Corner Gem - Pause and open game menu

All controls can be rebound in the game menu, though beware of some keyboards not inputing certain key combinations being pressed at the same time! The key config menu will flash keys as they are pressed, so if one of them won't flash while another is held down, try binding different keys.

Update 1.0.1 - Added a lantern to the bridge on world 1 to help players identify it as an enterable level. Added text to the key config so players will know that it lets them configure their hotkeys. Added two helper gravestones to instruct players on bouncing off sprockets and grabbing ledges. Shaved 4 frames of the startup of the chain twirl, I'd doubt you'd notice!

Update 1.0.2 - Potential bugfix for a rare freeze glitch on the overworld.

Update 1.0.3 - Added a music toggle to the main menu. Eleanor's movement slows down faster (minor) when no keys are pressed, on the ground, and without blood.

Update 1.0.4 - The chain is significantly faster, but now causes less lift. Air attack landing lag has been removed. Sliding has been decreased by a slight but notable amount. Minor adjustments to later levels to make them easier.

Update 1.0.5+6 - Fixed issues with the chain in numerous levels. Slight adjustments to movement physics (again). Fixed a bug that didn't let you change directions on the opening frames of an air attack. Deleted/Altered some cosmetic doors that were causing confusion. Adjusted Iron Maidens attack speed and Banshee spawns.

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Queria muito que o jogo pudesse rodar em outra engine, pq, agora que o flash vai ir pro saco no fim desse ano, vai fazer uma falta enorme um jogo desses

Cara,o jogo é muito bom mas podia ter mais habilidades,estão de parabéns.

I created an account just to comment on this because wow, this game is so much fun, I never thought I would have so much fun on a flash game, it is a great game I don't know if you are happy with how it turned out but goddamn this game made me happy while I played it, I really enjoyed, it's challenging but you can learn it really easily, the music fits very well, the bosses and enemies are really cool and the platforming is fun as hell, I played the first one as well and needless to say I enjoyed a lot too, but I think that this one went it's own way at least story-wise, I was hoping to see some sort of continuation.

Well anyways thank you for making this piece of work man, it really made my boring afternoon a bit brighter, I hope you are still making games and/or working on similar stuff, this Sanguine project is full of potential. Would love to see in the future a remake of the two games (maybe fuse them together?) on a platform like Steam, but it could anywhere, preferably somewhere were you could pay, making it a paid downloadable game would be awesome, but yeah amazing game, keep on rocking.

I rather liked the story but the game was a bit hard.

Mano melhor jogo cara

RayBeckham responds: