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Idle Slayer

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1 5 Points

Start an Adventure

100 5 Points

People start greeting you on the streets.

1000 10 Points

You get all kinds of presents from thanksful villagers.

100K 10 Points

People want to fight for you.

10K 10 Points

Your name is famous in several Kingdoms

10M 25 Points

People are naming their children after you.

1M 25 Points

A statue was build for you.

100M 50 Points

You are crowned to be the King of the Blobzone.

1B 50 Points

Thousands of Men fight under your regency.

100B 100 Points

You are seen as the greatest Hero there has ever been.

10B 100 Points

They even tell Legends about your Sword now.

1T 100 Points

Only you can save the world.

Author Comments

Slay Monsters. Get Xp. Recruit Men. Get Gold. Get Fame.

Use your Mouse to Play.

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I'm not sure if this is a glitch or working as intended but there are several monsters after the Darkfire Blob that gives a significantly lower amount of XP than the Blob while having much higher HP. This completely destroys the game as it means that the most optimal strategy for growth is to stay at the Darkfire Blob for pretty much the rest of the game, thus forcing your XP growth at a constant rate. This kills the experience as there's no point to doing any further upgrades or play the game as this is the best I can do now or ever will. I look forward to reaching the 1 trillion medal a week from now.

Good but what does interest

Micro, maybe its because you dont have enough xp spent in the luck upgrade? ;-;

I cant get any gold for some reason besides 3 which I spent already. Not good gold shouldn't be this hard to get I've been clicking for like 20 minutes without getting any gold.

reminds me a lot of idle mine and idle mine remix