Idle Slayer

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1 5 Points

Start an Adventure

100 5 Points

People start greeting you on the streets.

1000 10 Points

You get all kinds of presents from thanksful villagers.

100K 10 Points

People want to fight for you.

10K 10 Points

Your name is famous in several Kingdoms

10M 25 Points

People are naming their children after you.

1M 25 Points

A statue was build for you.

100M 50 Points

You are crowned to be the King of the Blobzone.

1B 50 Points

Thousands of Men fight under your regency.

100B 100 Points

You are seen as the greatest Hero there has ever been.

10B 100 Points

They even tell Legends about your Sword now.

1T 100 Points

Only you can save the world.

Author Comments

Slay Monsters. Get Xp. Recruit Men. Get Gold. Get Fame.

Use your Mouse to Play.

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Very, very fun idle game. The art is so simple that it's appealing, and the concept is short and sweet, easy to play.

Some Idle games are probably boring, way too repetitive and lack player incentive.

While this idle game is less repetitive (or tries to) with the variation of mobs, and some upgrades, etc.
And it has achievements, to most likely let us stay here, afk and farm for it :D

Oh another

So these "IDLE" games are kinda fun but always cute and entertaining, the ideas are always interesting aswell as entertaining. so nice job indeed, I like the simplistic of them all allthough more explaining on some items and props would alwyas be nice.

More detail in graphics and shades here and there would be a plus.


Sure took a while to get to that 1T... but I made it! :O I liked the game overall; the variation in enemies especially (until you reach those hundred levels of Satanic Blobs, that parts hellish!), but the grind... it's so long! And bit imblanced stats considering none of the enemies after the DarkFire Blog give you the same amount of XP/Gold per damage dealt. You're better off staying there and just hoarding resources to get the medals, and running through the additional enemies just for sake of competition. I was expecting Super Norris to be on an entirely different level, but even the strongest villain wasn't so strong at that point. :) Good game though.


Blobzone responds:

Dont you have better things to do than playing my games :3

Just kidding. Yeah, balancing idle games is kinda an issue of its own, or at least to me it is.
I am somehow looking for a good formula on that, but meh ~

Will see what the future brings. Thanx for the feedback and keep gaming!


great game!
but the bosses are too strong

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2014
2:24 PM EDT
Simulation - Other