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Reviews for "Idle Slayer"

There is a bug. The right red coloured arrow dissapeared when i was browsing older enemies. What's up with that?

This game... this game is just boring. I mean, it takes no skill at all. All you have to do is spam clicking, and spam upgrading your strength.

This game could have potential. I mean the concept of it is brilliant, but the game itself is not. Some advice from me would be:

Have worlds with different backgrounds and music to match the enemies you're fighting.

Make it more of an RPG style, where you can take damage, etc.

Add a maximum of people you can have with you at a time if you do the RPG thing, and if they die, replace them.

Upgrade the art designs. They're just... not good.

The only reason I played this game till the end were for the bragging rights of all the medals. Besides that, this game is alright

Oh, also, add a hub area where you can upgrade after every number of fights.

Sorry, but this game only gets 2 stars from me.

It's kind of boring and slow. I've idled for 2 days now and my upgrades are in the tens of billions now. I've honestly lost interest in the game but have been trying too give it a chance. As far as idle games go, i've seen better. But being able also to actively fight by clicking is a nice addition even though it often makes my fingers sore grinding from clicking at insane speeds. My upgrade costs are at a point now where i only look at the first 4 digits anymore. I'm afraid the huge numbers ruin it, just as they ruined DBZ for me :P. I've left it to grind for three days but i've decided today that i just am not interested anymore. I did notice a glitch when sometimes clicking quickly in the forward direction the arrow will go away like normal at your last conquest, but it cn sometimes keep going and you can fight monsters well beyond where you left off. I'm not sure what triggers it but it has happened to me a few times when leaving a monster my mercs were idle on, and going to one for me to destroy. It's insane though that I can do more damage than an army of 1200000 well armed soldiers but i suppose it's just a game right.

A background would be nice. I like the graphics of this game!
It is only a little unconfortable to read high numbers... Please use dots to separate numbers!! Also a different font to have the "1" as large as the other charachters so that it's easyer to count the all the digits!
3.5 stars, another one for the background ;)

P.S. i got the 1B medal but i haven't unlocked the 100M yet and i don't know why

It's kind of an insane setup of numbers, TBH, to the point where it's not that enjoyable. To even get half the medals seems insane.