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Reviews for "Idle Slayer"

Decent idea - poor execution. The lack of music and background is a definite negative, plus the game itself is very repititive and gets boring quickly. Could benefit from the addition of minigames, for example, a skill-based sequence where the player has the opportunity to increase their XP, Gold etc. Also, I seem to have a bug where I don't get any gold whatsover, no matter how many enemies I kill.

Blobzone responds:

You only get Gold when you have enough Luck (seems like nobody reads the ingame-info)

Hmmm yes, although i understand what you mean, i cant wholly agree with you.
Because imho i think thats the point of idle games. To be repetitive .And the missing music and background, well meh. (Although the background thing i will surely use for the next one)

Also the mini-game idea sounds actually good. But all in all the game turned the way i wanted it (although next time i will surely will make an anti-autoclicker mechanism)

So thanks for your response and your rating (although kinda low :P )

I just have no earthly idea why I can't stop playing this

It's fun, but repetitive. I like the upgrade abilities and idle fighting. I have a problem though: no gold payout (Chrome on a Mac).

Blobzone responds:

You only get Gold when you have enough Luck!
There is an Info-Button inside the game (the question mark) with further instructions.

Yeeyy LoL reference.
I'll always have a soft spot for idle games :D and the multitude of monsters and decent upgrades even though the graphics aren't impressive and the sound non-existent make this game deserve a 3,5.

Excellent, I´ll keep playing.