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Reviews for "Idle Slayer"

Hi! I'm really enjoying this game, but I think I've found a mistake. After fighting Darkfire Blob, who gives a little over 1 million XP, the next monster (Aurafire Blob) gives only a little over 100 thousand XP. Then the XP grows from there. That is to say that the next several monsters give less XP than Darkfire Blob. Was this on purpose? Nowhere before does the XP decrease after defeating a monster. Other than that, I really like this game.

There needs to be a resend medal function. Nothing more frustrating that getting to 1b or 10b just to find the medal did not send.

If the game is not working hover over the ? icon it fixes all known bugs the game has including lack of ability to play the game

=) incase your not familiar with idle games its just cookie clicker =)

I like the game, but i'm not get any gold for my kills. I get maybe one gold per 20 monsters even though it shows how much I should be getting for each kill. And I've reached 800 kills, so I know something is wrong. Besides that, fun game.

fun game, my stats following the outline of amodus' post

the monsters i fight have 6888888888 hp
critchance: 74%
ad: 708440
id: 1304174
crit: 104424056
monster: Satanic Blob Lvl 2

i wonder what the final monster is.... ha