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Reviews for "Idle Slayer"

It's very addictive, but could use of some more art and sound, or even variability, but this is much better than the author's Idle Pro Gamer. I don't know if this was made after that one, but this is a serious step up, and I hope the author continues to make idle games.

Blobzone responds:

Hi, yeah, it was made after Idle Pro Gamer. My next game will be released in a few hours, just need to check a few things before :)

and thx for playing.

get the mob with the highest hp that your idle damage can insta-kill, than let it afk.

Killed Super Norris today.

It just loops back around. Medals are glitched.

Listening to THE PROTOMEN in another tab was the best part since there was no music in the game.

This guy can code but the art just does the job and music and sound have little or no resources.

Not worth the time.

Blobzone responds:

Yeah, im sorry i couldnt satisfy your needs :) Maybe my other games will please you more *wink wink*

Well, about the Medals im sorry. Happens to some people. New game will be out soon.


When I was fighting Chuck Norris. I said to myself maybe Norris is part sayan, And then my suspicions were confirmed!

Blobzone responds:

Chuck Norris is life.
Chuck Norris is love.

when i first played this on kongregate i used the bug ALOT i stumbled upon it by accident i didnt even know it existed i just waited until what i thought could safely get me through the 100th monster which was active damage 10000 and i rapidly clickedd it until i saw something with like 5k armor i wasted about an hour killing it but i also didnt forget to level up my luck afterwards my active damage was over 50k i wouldnt give it this high of a rating if it werent for that