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Reviews for "Idle Slayer"

the 1B medal isn't working :(

Blobzone responds:

Hmmm i dont know why, but some people dont seem to get every Medal. But all Medals were already unlocked by numerous people. So maybe its a NG thing? I dont know, i didnt chance the gamefile or sth.

Is there a mistake in monster xp values? Darkfire Blob is worth 1,220,433 then the next monster Auquafire Blob is worth only 140,333. The next monster over 1,000,000 isn't until Lieutenant Grizmob

Blobzone responds:

Yeah, damn its a mistake :D Thinking about correcting it or letting it as it is :P

This is cool
You can upgrade your Straight to defeat the Foes Faster.
This is cool to play
2 medals were earned
will get more of them
nice Job

I'm over 1.25 billion fame and didn't get the 1B medal. So that's pretty annoying. Not much point in continuing now...

This game's just too loooooooooong.
I managed to reach the Blue Mechbot and i quit there, i already wasted over 3 hours on this damn game.