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Reviews for "Idle Slayer"

Forgot to login for 1m medal after log in no 1m medal earned =_= or theres a rule but I dont see?

*** Advice for game players ***

1. Before passing 1B, 10B, 100B, or 1T milestones, you'll want to save the game BEFORE crossing the threshold, CLOSE the window, and RE-OPEN the game to ensure you have a connection with the NG server. Otherwise, if you've have the game open for several hours (or days), it will "display" the medal achievement, but you WON'T actually earn the medal on Newgrounds. If the game autosaves after you've passed that medal's milestone, the only way to get the medal is to clear your internet files and start over from 0 fame. So be sure to save and re-open the game before passing any of the 100M+ milestones.

2. Do NOT go past the gray "Darkfire Blob" until after you can one-hit kill it (163,008,666 Hp with 554,666 Armor). The next several dozen creatures have a MUCH worse Experience ratio for how tough they are to kill. There are 99 levels of Hellfire blobs at the end of the game until you get to Super Norris, the final enemy. When you leave the game idling, leave it on an enemy that your idlers can kill in around 5 hits. You will never have a reason to leave the game idling on any enemy past the gray "Darkfire Blob" because you would need well beyond 1 trillion fame before they would deal enough damage to be worth it.

3. If you are leaving the game idle, do not minimize the window, and check it to make sure it's still running the way you left it. Sometimes if you have a different tab highlighted, or you minimize the game, it won't actually run while you're not looking at it.

As you'll find out, you'll want to balance Luck earlier on and Critchance till you get at least 70+%. Don't worry about Team Equipment or Mercenaries, at all, ever. And only upgrade Strength very, very early on. Your clicking time is better spent slaying foes, and upgrading CritPct (the flaming sword).

Goetikmagus wrote a clever review that is worth reading, but it's not the whole picture. He said: "Grasshopper, when you understand the Crit, you will understand the game." Another quote worth reading is one attributed to Albert Einstein, that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. Once you get rolling in the game, you'll want to leave the leading digits on your gold unspent, so it can earn 10%+ interest on the game's ten-minute basis. Then if you leave it up overnight, you can come back and buy many Weapon / Blacksmith upgrades without touching the leading digits on your Gold.

*** Constructive ideas for the game creator ***

Commas. If I deal 57130728 damage, I don't particularly want to keep counting digits to know if I'm dealing 5 million or 57 million or 570 million damage. If the game had commas between every three digits as we're used to seeing in say 1,000,000 then the game would be more user-friendly.

Once the player gets into numbers like 6.0221413e+23, commas aren't a concern as the player can just look at the exponent. The price / level fields of upgrades overlap in this game once you get to that point, however, would makes the exponents very difficult to read.

Sound effects / music. Some players always come in and mute the in-game music and/or sounds, and that's fine. But many players will enjoy to hear responses from the game as they interact and progress. And if they want to disable either, that's fine (offer mute buttons as well). Care would need to be taken to pick sounds that are responsive and fun, but not super annoying (choose how and when they would be played, probably not every click or even every crit, but at least on killing a foe, as well as when interest is earned).

Reset progress option. This is especially necessary due to the medal glitches where if the game's been open too long the connection to the NG medal server gets lost. I had to clear my internet browser history to start the game back over at 0 fame to go back for the 10B and 100B medals that I wasn't awarded due to the game being open too long / losing connection with the NG medal server.

Lastly, and this is just me, but a "Return on click" convenience calculation display would be awesome. On each foe, it would be really cool to see (Your Avg Dmg - Enemy Armor) * (Enemy XP) / (Enemy HP) automatically calculated and displayed, so you can say "oh cool this enemy is giving me ~50,000 Xp for an average attack-click on it."


Simple, fun, addicting game. Came for the medals, stayed for the fun time-waster. After 'beating' it once and coming back through for medals I missed the first time, like many games, there may not be much appeal for me to come back and continue playing it. It's a great game, and I thank you for making and sharing it.

I'm especially compelled by how complicated it would be to do a near-perfect "speed run" due to the complexity of what you can upgrade, how much and when. Another wrinkle you could add is an upgrade that makes your idle damage dealt more frequently. The game is set around 2 idle attacks per second, so it would be fun to have an upgrade that makes the idle attacks occur more rapidly.

is it possible to beat the Super Norris
i quit when i saw his HP and armor

Pretty good idler. My only real concern is that occasionally my idle damage goes up without me upgrading anything. Not sure what that's all about....

i cant get money if i kill eyes some gets money fix that please :( but thisgame is awesome