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Reviews for "Idle Slayer"

this game is alright but i do have to admit there are some flaws with it. The enemies get too strong every time you move on to a another level. There are enemies that have so much health that it makes it almost impossible to kill them. For ex: a enemy named pyramidus has over 5000 health. and the help to defeat the enemies take too long to lower the health of a enemy. Increasing the strength and getting more men doesnt do much. But besides the flaws i love the game and hope there is a sequel.

I totally love this game! But there are 2 things I don't like.

The enemies have like 10000 health at lvl 15

The idle damage is a little bit to slow so can u try to speed it up a bit if there is a sequel?

Anyway it's still awesome!

Not much of an idle game, main reason being:

1. Idle speed is really, really slow [and I'm not sure if Recruiting Mercenaries actually increases it or not (I would hope it does)

2. Strength and Mercenaries only add 1 damage, no matter how high your equipment or black-smithing is, so at higher levels, it's a waste of time to upgrade it.

2.5. Team equipment becomes redundant later on when you can one shot high-end monsters, as it doesn't add as much as the fame you're getting.

3. Idle can't crit, so you end up having to go all the way back around 10+ levels if you want to idle, then having to go back all the way to your current level when you come back.

1. Add a way to move between levels faster.
2. Add a way to upgrade faster, like Upgrade +5/10/etc, as it'd save you time on clicking.
3. Mercenaries should increase speed of idle and instead of adding 1 damage, should a modifier, cuz you're adding another person to the team, so you'll have to equip them and all that, meaning 1 is way too little.

Otherwise, it's a pretty okay game. Addicting, like most other idle games I play, for a while, no matter how grindy/tedious it seems.

Blobzone responds:

Hey, thx for your review. Atm i am collecting a lot of ideas for the next part (there will be some major changes)

Yeah, you are right with all your points. Still glad you liked it.
For now i have some other projects first before i make another idle Slayer game.


When I saved and reloaded, I could click where the "next mob" arrow is and I could skip ahead to any fight I wanted even if the arrow wasn't visible.

10M badge doesn't work.