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You Deserve a Princess

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Made for Stencyl Jam 2014. Try to impress Princess Locria, then walk in her shoes as she navigates a dungeon using a giant chain whip. Collect upgrades to increase your health and chain length.

~ Arrows to move
~ Down to duck
~ Up, X, or V to jump
~ Z or C to perform an action

~ P to pause
~ N to mute sound
~ M to mute music

/// Tips ///

The whip takes a bit of practice, but is fun once you get used to it! Sometimes striking the wall opposite of the one you are trying to reach, then quickly turning around and striking the target wall is the best way to clear some obstacles. Think of it as "wall jumping."

The whip can destroy projectiles, but it may be easier to duck to avoid some obstacles like the fireballs.

Checkpoints save your progress

You should collect all health and whip upgrades before leaving the dungeon (it's pretty linear so hopefully they shouldn't be hard to miss).

The dialogue between Locria and the knight changes slightly depending on how many flowers you get, and whether or not you grab the kitten.

/// Issues ///

The health bar disappears after respawning / reloading. Health still works, and you can rely on audio cues to roughly gauge your health as well. The more health you have, the higher the pitch of the sound when the player gets hurt (it gets lower as you get closer to death).

The bosses are somewhat easy, I'm hoping to work my way up to more complex bosses in future releases.

Checkpoints cause a random lag spike to occur, for some reason this only happens in a browser. I'd like to get it fixed for a future release.

I apologize if the learning curve is steep, I threw this together mostly throughout the last few days!

/// Additional Info ///

A large portion of the game is centered around the Locrian musical mode. All of the songs implement the Locrian mode, as well as the majority of sound effects. The health bar plays the Locrian mode when filling up or depleting (it becomes more complete as you work up to 8 hitpoints), and the chain plays it when being used (it slowly builds up to 8 notes).

OST to be posted soon!

I would like to expand on the game's mechanics more for a future release, so feedback is greatly appreciated!

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I got stuck, guess i'll die

Great game. she be effen people up left and right. she should have killed all the towns people too. you know she could have taken them. one at a time or all at once, no matter. think those fools would learn to stop messin around after she be droppin everybody right in front of them.

This is a brilliant send-up of thublr degenerate crowd and Anatolia Sarkoosian.

1.Cut off your hair (ugliness is beauty).
2.Attack all men (love is hate).
3.Murder your parents (F you, dad!).

Well done, sir; well done!

Also, you did a great job of introducing the mechanics without lecturing about them; EgoRaptor would be proud.

it was a nice game and I love the premise, but the mechanics were a little difficult and the health bar glitch needs to be fixed, especially since you allow a soundless game, and since I played this game without sound I had no way of knowing how much health I had, which kind of got in the way of playing the game, so fix that glitch and this game could be four stars.

I liked the main mechanic of the game
would have liked it to be a little longer though
not a complete fan of the music either
other than that, it's nice

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2014
1:22 PM EDT