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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

Everything about this tells me that you just didn't care about the end result. The jumping is wonky, the attack is ineffective, and for some reason my health bar keeps disappearing and reappearing. Worst of all is the cliche plot, with equally cliched dialogue, and one dimensional mouth pieces for characters.

Games can be a vehicle for political opinions, but please try to remember that it has to do so in a competent way. Is a medium such as this, the message means nothing.

I do like the overall premise of the game...although, I think the knight part is a little too short.

Also, I am in agreement with others who think the jumping is a bit glitchy. Particularly in the bottom left corner.

The sound is quite basic and you could use some additional varieties.

I still appreciate the effort you put into this, though. It is a good concept that needs to be expanded upon.

Like a few other people were saying, this game feels very rough and unfinished.

The general concept, though, is pretty great, and the gameplay feels good besides a few spots where the jumps are just a little too obnoxious (Primarily, the area that I have trouble describing besides as "The bottom-left corner of the dungeon").

I did bump you up a star so as to not be giving you the same score as Ranger2, though. I couldn't really stand to hold any similarity to someone who whines about games being too feminist on the internet. It's also why I don't wear fedoras.

Another strangely intriguing game, well done!
Once again, I'm digging the offbeat nature of your games, and the Sega Genesis type audio you utilize.
That, and the implementation of the Locrian mode, very cool!
Keep up the amazing work man.

The gameplay was ok, but *gag!* The moral of the story "why can't a princess be independent" has been done to death, and the characters were dull and unlikeable. The brave knight suddenly turns into a jerk when the plot says so, the parents are unrealistic, and the princess's character was even blander. She was an angry feminist caricature. Why not show a bit of background between the princess and her parents beforehand? And perhaps instead of having them say "how dare you rescue yourself," have them be astounded that a princess is capable of saving herself and play the whole "liberated woman" aspect from that angle? This game is ok, but the story sounds like something from a womyn lib blog. It's cliché and has been done to death from that angle.