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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

I loved how well it controlled, and felt it had nice variety to game play. I love the idea of using the locrian mode in so many ways, and found the sound to be decent. You did a great job with a quick release!

Interesting wall bounce mechanics, but the rest needs more work, basicly ...


gameplay: sub-mediocre
music: off
coding: No health meter after death? lol.
message: better left on tumblr

the best thing about this game is after you switch characters you get the wall jump/whip mechanic going on. Not enough to save it though.

Great idea, could have been executed better, but still was fun to play something different for a change.

mediocre game in my opinion.
bland graphics, checkpoints make the game temporarily freeze,
functional yet a bit stiff controls, and a story that makes me thing anita sarkeesian was involved.

Overall it is at least functional.
I say it is a good try.
Keep trying and you'll get better at it.