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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

I loved everything about this game. The music and its concept had a simplistic almost 16 bit nes charm to it. The graphics were nice to look at and the story had a lovely twist in it.

I look forward to seeing more games by you! Good luck and great job!

pretty fun game, some classic platforming never gets old. the controls are very responsive so the game feels fair and fun.
I am a guy but I understand the theme, you have to do what you want to do(as long as you respect others).

I didn't complete the game, though I think the concept is pretty good. The music fit perfectly with the game but it's a bit upset when you play much time. Yes, I could play the game without music but it's not the same. I love pixel art so I love the graphics of this game.
I don't know what more to say about this, I think you could use almost all things from this game to make others game. For example the guy in green has a super arm which he uses to jump higher. You can make a game with it.
The knight is perfect to make a game about dragons or something like that.
I'm sorry I can't say you more about what you could use because I just reached the green boy level.

lol the last cinematic was great. Difficulty was about right too. the lag spikes on checkpoints are a flash are probably because its writing to disk and checking if it exceeded its quota. if you set storage to unlimited I bet it disappears. I didn't see it on my computer anyway.

Great game. she be effen people up left and right. she should have killed all the towns people too. you know she could have taken them. one at a time or all at once, no matter. think those fools would learn to stop messin around after she be droppin everybody right in front of them.