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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

Very disappointed in the mechanics of the game - they made it impossible to play.

Feminazi propaganda. Besides the hamfisted message the game isn't too bad if a tad mediocre.

pretty fun game, some classic platforming never gets old. the controls are very responsive so the game feels fair and fun.
I am a guy but I understand the theme, you have to do what you want to do(as long as you respect others).

Not bad for the time of development. I really enjoyed the hook mechanic that the princess had for platforming, though I don't really understand what it was suppose to be. The disappearing health bar was a bit amateur, but it's not like it really hurt the gameplay so it's little more than a nitpick. Level design was sufficient, though a little bland as far as here is grey castle, and here is muddy outside.

The story would have been fine if perhaps some elements had been switched a little. The entire theme was too on the nose, and any more that you bludgeon your audience over the head with is one they'll tend to ignore. Even from looking at the title people are going to immediately know what it's about, and that ruins the impact of the message. If anything, the game would have worked better as you playing the woman first, doing some dungeon delving, only to find an enemy that attempts to kidnap you. After beating him and fearing for your family's safety(or some contrived reason), you go to visit the castle only to find your parents had sent the man to "rescue" you, leading to the inevitable conflict. Subversion of the medium works when you play with people's expectations, not by having the first line of dialogue paraphrase as, "You are hero, my daughter is an object. You can have her."

The theme was a bit unoriginal and pedantic with some lackluster writing, but I really enjoyed the core game mechanics. Good concept, good level design, fun to play. The bosses were kind of boring, but this would make a great metroidvania game if it was pushed further.