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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

The game goes ape shit on the boss fight.

Very fun, interesting game, however short.

The graphics are minimalistic and tiny, but that's not bad, not in my opinion at least. The music is quite nice, but it gets a bit irritating after a while. I like how the "taking damage" sound effect's pitch is proportional to how much health the hero has left. There's a strange bug, though, in which the health HUD simply vanished after I died, and didn't return.

The gameplay is pretty cool, I enjoyed it a lot. The knight's gameplay is somewhat plain, but heck, it's not bad either (basically punching flower bushes and a tree to get flowers and kittens, while jumping on platforms and mushrooms, and avoiding spikes). The princess gameplay is pretty interesting (and a bit more creative), you traverse this non-linear dungeon, trying to find an exit and collecting chain/health upgrades in the way. The chain can be used to perform wall jumps, and the longer your chain gets, the better your climbing skills become. There are maybe one or two times when you have to time chain throws perfectly in order to reach a platform, and those are maybe the only times this game has actually annoyed me a little bit.

I really like how the chain is used, and how it gets longer and longer the more you add links to it, it's really satisfying to compare the final result of the chain with the tiny little piece of nothing we start with. I just wish there were some enemies to fight with the chain in the princess stage, just so I could use the chain for something other than shielding myself from projectiles and climbing.

Also, the story in this game really impressed me, in spite of its short length and simplicity. I expected it to be shallow, since it's just a Stencyl Jam entry, but heck, it's got some realistic messages in it. Some people feel like running arbitrary errands will buy them the love of a specific person, and they get outraged when that turns out to not be true (the knight's reaction to the princess not wanting to marry him shows that). Also, society/parents sometimes expect us to be a certain way, when we actually wanted to do something else with our lives, and the rebellious intellectual princess shows that nicely.

So, nice gameplay, and much better story than I expected. Good job!

This wasnt that bad TBH! the jumpin was challenging at some points

Gameplay is... ok, at least for a game of this size. Not much to say about the controls, the mechanic with the extensible wall jump seemed almost interesting. Combats were bad and extremely easy. The king pattern was so bad that you could actually walk past behind him and he wouldn't even aim at you. Other than that, the level design was okay, too easy, but okay.

Graphics are bad. The animation on the characters can't be distinguished well enough with the backgrounds, effects are either mspaint tier or simply confusing (like the balls of... "energy" that the queen fired). Only paying attention to detail and seeing if the background combines would have helped a lot, at least one point of difference.

Music was annoying and repetitive. It intriged me however, I went to the artist page and it seems other of his works are at least more polished, I wouldn't say its my taste however, I find them just as annoying as the ones in this piece.

Storyline: gobacktotumblr/5. I simply don't know if watching sarkeesian videos made me realize the whole segmentation of crazy insane people that exist in the world today. It makes me sad that SJW ruined for me the plot twists on the princesses tropes.

Frankly, If it weren't for them I wouldn't be thinking that your sole intent was pleasing certain audience that don't care about narrative, games or quality as long as it advances their agenda. Still, you could have pulled this story a lot better. Though At least, I have to say that it combined well enough with the gameplay, it was interesting seeing the "multitude of angry people" as part of a new mechanic while the girl escaped.

Other than that, good effort, I would give you only one star, but considering it was for a jam I say this is... ok. Good luck and hope you make more, and better games.

Some sort of acknowledgement that Locria wields a whip would have been nice. If I hadn't looked at the author comments section, I might not have played the rest of the game.

I feel kind of bad for the knight. It's okay that Locria didn't want to marry him, but someone should have told him she wasn't interested ahead of time. It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.