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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

lol the last cinematic was great. Difficulty was about right too. the lag spikes on checkpoints are a flash are probably because its writing to disk and checking if it exceeded its quota. if you set storage to unlimited I bet it disappears. I didn't see it on my computer anyway.

I didn't complete the game, though I think the concept is pretty good. The music fit perfectly with the game but it's a bit upset when you play much time. Yes, I could play the game without music but it's not the same. I love pixel art so I love the graphics of this game.
I don't know what more to say about this, I think you could use almost all things from this game to make others game. For example the guy in green has a super arm which he uses to jump higher. You can make a game with it.
The knight is perfect to make a game about dragons or something like that.
I'm sorry I can't say you more about what you could use because I just reached the green boy level.

Fun little game. I liked the jumping/whip mechanic

Dialogues were funny & it fit the ridiculous music, the whip had some ideas too, so pretty cool !

A pretty fun game. But very flawed. I know the music is a certain style. But the music is just not great to me. But that's a opinion so I will not deduce points. Game play is rather linear but I still enjoyed it. The animation I did not like. it was ok. But when jumping or using the knight's first it just looks like a Photoshop. But I don't pick to hard about stuff like that so I wont deduce many points. The bosses could use work in A.I and difficulty. But ok. This game has much potential. I feel if you made a sequel and put more effort it could be five stars. And there is room for a sequel like what was she trying to study and why. Overall I am not that impressed with the game. But it packs alot of potential. And I'm all for you making a sequel. Just fix the animation and bosses A.I and progressed the story it would be great. Good job 4 stars!