Forbidden Arms

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Combo Master 5 Points

Get 500 combo streak

Combo Training 5 Points

Get 100 combo streak

Dispatcher 5 Points

Kill 100 enemies.

Executioner 5 Points

Kill 1000 enemies.

Instakill 5 Points

Kill 50 enemies with the Demon Mask Relic.

Manslayer 5 Points

Kill 500 enemies.

NoNovice 5 Points

Finish the tutorial

Ogre Slayer 5 Points

Defeat the Blue Ogre

One Man Army 5 Points

Kill 3000 enemies.

Relic Lover 5 Points

Use breakable relics 10 times.

Shuriken Hater 5 Points

You know you do. Destroy a lot to get this medal.

Thunder Slam 5 Points

Unleash Lunar Pounce at the highest peak.

Twin Wolves 5 Points

Unleash the final combo attack.

Combo Saint 10 Points

Get 1000 combo streak

Spider Stomper 10 Points

Defeat the Jorogumo

The Slayer 10 Points

Slay the final boss under this mode.

Grand Master 25 Points

Unlocked and maxed all upgrades

The Hero 25 Points

Slay the final boss under this mode.

Combo God 50 Points

Get 3000 combo streak

Demon Slayer 50 Points

Defeat the Oniko

The Genocide 50 Points

Kill 5000 enemies.

The True Hero 50 Points

Slay the final boss in "The Fool" mode.

Blood of the Endless 100 Points

Kill 1000 enemies in "Endless Mode"

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

A mysterious warrior named Ichirou possesses the legendary forbidden sword. Tho the sword grants godly powers, it drinks the blood out of it's enemies and it's wielder. To satisfy the sword's thirst, you must slay ninjas that disturbed your deep stasis and discover the mystery that stirred them affray.

Version 1.0.9:

- Fixed some bugs of player not rolling.

- You can now pick space as your attack instead of the mouse. Pause the game for this option.

- Evasion reworked. Evasion works without interruption your combos and you will now only able to activate the teleport skill if threatened by unavoidable attacks.

- Non-charged brandish arts are now on shortcut keys! Rising Moon Slash can be used by simply pressing [2] or [X] now. See ingame for shortcut keys.

- Particles can be disabled in game. Pause for the option to do so.

- Ichirou is now much more agile! You can jump anytime even mid combo or to break vulnerable animation frames.

- Musashi's Rage reworked. Now you will have use for those souls.

- New endless mode added! Finish the game to access the stage. Much harder than the first endless mode.

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

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i messed up so bad i broke the game

can't seem to save it though, it sucks to play it again after you completed everything and all


Very fun game but too damn laggy. make a graphics option or something dude becasue particles thing isnt enough. i cant enjoy the game. the only reason why its 4 and not 5 was because of the lag

Why do you make so fucking awesome games and never get enough credit for it (in my opinion). Hell, this beat them all/hack and slash games can even beat some AAA titles that have the pretention to be good games. For a 2d flash game it is impressive and unbelievable. The story is nice too, I had fun watching the cinematics, don't listen to the others who complain about them. Cinematics and a good storyline with decent lore is ESSENTIAL to any games, people who skip cinematics (at least the first time) and who complain don't deserve to play games, they can eat canned shit straight out of the gayming industry for all I care.

You really know your traditional Japanese legends and myths, a complex story with nice references, I approve of that. 5 stars you deserve and 5 stars you get.

Thank you so much for that game.

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2014
8:48 PM EST
Action - Other