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Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

Finally i beat it :)
great game, congrats

Hi there kreig13.
I'm new to this site and I was looking for an action game with swords and a lot of fights. So my point in this game I found just what I was looking for: A great fighting game with upgrades.

What I like at this game is:
- there are lots of cool upgrades;
- there are medal (and that is great even tough not even now I don't know how I did the Karma Catch medal, I just know it has something to do with the shadows of the last boss...);
- there is a free form fighting system (and I wish it will be greater in next forbidden arm game);
- there are ninjas as enemies;
- there is an endless area;
- the game has a fluid story progress;
- there are a lot of possibilities for character build;
- day and night circle;
And there are more other things I like at this game, but I can't think of them all right now.

But then again there where some thing I really find annoying and i don't like. So here you go, Things I don't like:
- breaking relics? really? I don't see the point, I mean this game is super fast and cool, why would I like to keep going to the relics page after each fight to activate the relics. Of course it makes sense for phoenix pearl to break but still I think it would be much more fun to don't have to reactivate any other relics;
- the game was somehow short, but I think that is because I would like more bosses to defeat in epic battles.
Wow I cant think of anything else i did not liked, but there are some things that could improve like characters and enemies looks.

Now I would like to ask you something:
1) What you need to do to get karma catch medal? I got it but I don't really know what I did.
2) Are you going to make an forbidden arms 2?
3) If you are going to make a new forbidden arms game can you keep me informed about the release date?

If you will make a new forbidden arms game I have some suggestions:
- you could make the game bigger, it is hard but I would really love to play a bigger forbidden arms. Man I really love this type of game and a would like the game was longer;
- I would really like to play a game like this with even more insane and great upgrades. I mean it would be great if I could play this game for hours only to unlock upgrades and then after that to still have a feeling that I have to unlock a thousand other upgrades;
- you could make some real opponents available only in endless mode on the hero and fool difficulties (of course some enemies only available on the fool difficulty). My point is to make some unique enemies on endless mode and make them available after you killed like 300, 500, 700, 1000 enemies;
- you could make some relics that could be available as a trophy after beating a boss, and this way you could make only the trophy relics breakable.

Now is time to say how much I really liked this game by giving forbidden arms a ratting of 4.8/5 stars. You made a really great game but I really didn't like the breakable relics with the exception of phoenix which I find logical to break (that is the reason I don't give forbidden arms 5 stars).
The last think I want to tell you is I really wait for a forbidden arms 2 game and I want to know the release date just in case you plan to make one.

Great story, but this is still very simple beat them up game. I got bored after few levels.

This was... Confusing. It starts out with talk of two sword makers, the dedicated and devoted Muramasa and the smartass who wants to speak in stupid riddles so he can pretend to be cool when others see what he's talking about Masamune. They have a clash to see whose sword is stronger and Masamune's wins. All of that I understand. But Muramasa brings back a sword that no one can lift without dying? Or was Kim-whatever so weak that he just died really fast? And why do they comment that it's a sword no one can swing if you actually do have time to swing it? How did they move it?

And most importantly of all...


If it's going to do that you really shouldn't have me spend the first hour in a cutscene about other people. You could have easily had the opening cutscene be narrated and in 30 seconds or less explained everything that that cutscene showed (plus that way you would have done it without making me hate the white swordmaker for his condescending roundabout way of speaking). This game would be better without a story. I honestly stopped playing after the tutorial because the opening convinced me there would be a coherent plot and then the start of the actual game quickly corrected that assumption.

vipervgames responds:

what did they do to your childhood!? calm down, you sad little person on the internet who probably did nothing but complain. - there's a cutscene in the options menu where you can view locked scenes and the full version of the tutorial cutscene. like all humans, not all could comprehend the power of the sword that's why some folks die by just lifting it. Anyway, i don't know why i even have to explain the game to someone who did not even give it a chance and rated it so low. so PLEASE! next time don't ever play any of my games again. if you see a game is made by me, don't click on it.

Amazing, The jumping can be a little frustrating though/