Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

Great story, but this is still very simple beat them up game. I got bored after few levels.

This was... Confusing. It starts out with talk of two sword makers, the dedicated and devoted Muramasa and the smartass who wants to speak in stupid riddles so he can pretend to be cool when others see what he's talking about Masamune. They have a clash to see whose sword is stronger and Masamune's wins. All of that I understand. But Muramasa brings back a sword that no one can lift without dying? Or was Kim-whatever so weak that he just died really fast? And why do they comment that it's a sword no one can swing if you actually do have time to swing it? How did they move it?

And most importantly of all...


If it's going to do that you really shouldn't have me spend the first hour in a cutscene about other people. You could have easily had the opening cutscene be narrated and in 30 seconds or less explained everything that that cutscene showed (plus that way you would have done it without making me hate the white swordmaker for his condescending roundabout way of speaking). This game would be better without a story. I honestly stopped playing after the tutorial because the opening convinced me there would be a coherent plot and then the start of the actual game quickly corrected that assumption.

vipervgames responds:

what did they do to your childhood!? calm down, you sad little person on the internet who probably did nothing but complain. - there's a cutscene in the options menu where you can view locked scenes and the full version of the tutorial cutscene. like all humans, not all could comprehend the power of the sword that's why some folks die by just lifting it. Anyway, i don't know why i even have to explain the game to someone who did not even give it a chance and rated it so low. so PLEASE! next time don't ever play any of my games again. if you see a game is made by me, don't click on it.

Amazing, The jumping can be a little frustrating though/

The game is very fluid, and sometimes gets a bit repetitive with the same moves being used, but it still blew my expectations for the game out of the ocean, you feel like a god once you've upgrading everything, I recommend playing all the way through.

overall a good game! but would be better if the attacks could be triggered by the keyboard, (bind your attack key to the keyboard or anything like that) would be so much more awesome