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Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

This game has a really great story, awesome graphics and amazing gameplay! And add well made RPG elements to that and you have one very fun game. There's lots of content in that game, which is just great! I hope you guys will make a sequel, or similar game! :)

Also I love how many medals there are to collect, gonna collect them all!

Great game but major problem whenever i got to the relic screen the ad doesn't load and there's no X to skip the ad so i am stuck staring at a dark screen, please fix this. This is a great game and that is the only problem.

Nice backstory. Muramasa and Masamune are reputable swords. I'm wondering where you may have found this story, in legends or your own creation?

Awesome game , i dont give 5 stars because the combo strike animations are a little bit poor comparing with the rest of the game but anyway it is a good game and its easy to play!

good gmae but spider boss and last boss where annoying especially the way the sider boss heals itself.