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Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

Very fun game but too damn laggy. make a graphics option or something dude becasue particles thing isnt enough. i cant enjoy the game. the only reason why its 4 and not 5 was because of the lag

Why do you make so fucking awesome games and never get enough credit for it (in my opinion). Hell, this beat them all/hack and slash games can even beat some AAA titles that have the pretention to be good games. For a 2d flash game it is impressive and unbelievable. The story is nice too, I had fun watching the cinematics, don't listen to the others who complain about them. Cinematics and a good storyline with decent lore is ESSENTIAL to any games, people who skip cinematics (at least the first time) and who complain don't deserve to play games, they can eat canned shit straight out of the gayming industry for all I care.

You really know your traditional Japanese legends and myths, a complex story with nice references, I approve of that. 5 stars you deserve and 5 stars you get.

Thank you so much for that game.

Pretty fun and addictive game, from the same person who brought you Witch hunt!

I'm actually quite surprised, really, the moment I read the name and watched the first cutscene, I thought that it would have terrible art and slow gameplay, but boy oh boy was I wrong, this game really, and I mean really deserves these five stars! Despite it's bad cutscenes, it managed to become quite the game, along with it's surprisingly interesting story! Best regards, and I hope you manage to create more of this fruitful greatness!

This game is so amazing I love it !

full of action ,upgrades and it has a beautiful art and story :)