Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

Pretty fun and addictive game, from the same person who brought you Witch hunt!

I'm actually quite surprised, really, the moment I read the name and watched the first cutscene, I thought that it would have terrible art and slow gameplay, but boy oh boy was I wrong, this game really, and I mean really deserves these five stars! Despite it's bad cutscenes, it managed to become quite the game, along with it's surprisingly interesting story! Best regards, and I hope you manage to create more of this fruitful greatness!

This game is so amazing I love it !

full of action ,upgrades and it has a beautiful art and story :)

This game has a really great story, awesome graphics and amazing gameplay! And add well made RPG elements to that and you have one very fun game. There's lots of content in that game, which is just great! I hope you guys will make a sequel, or similar game! :)

Also I love how many medals there are to collect, gonna collect them all!

Great game but major problem whenever i got to the relic screen the ad doesn't load and there's no X to skip the ad so i am stuck staring at a dark screen, please fix this. This is a great game and that is the only problem.