Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

Wow!! One of the best games i played on NG. Everything is super awesome. I haven't had this kind of fun for a long time. God i want this on my Playstation. :D Its just EPIC


This is one of the most complex, responsive, and well designed brawlers I have ever seen on Newgrounds. The story is coherent and interesting, and a decent amount of effort can be seen in the many cutscenes. I loved every skill that I unlocked in the game, and how much each one enriched the combat experience and kept it from getting too repetitive. The only complaint I have about it is that the game is not that challenging, even on the hardest difficulty. It's a wonderful game, and an immediate favorite. I am excited to see what you do next!

hey man can you give us a hint at where the secret moon beam power is or is unlocked?

vipervgames responds:

Charge and hold your attack button at night.

The storyline is well thought. Game play is addictive! This is among the best games i've played for flash.