Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

i dont get it how do you regenerate your blood pool?

vipervgames responds:

combo your enemies mid air to get the best blood gain ratio.
upgrade your Scarlet Synthesis skill to get more BP per blood drop.
Also, don't spam skills and practice timing. Spamming skills use BP. consider upgrade them to reduce it.

Fights, musics, story & animations are very nice!

Though it'd be good if there was something in the options to make the game faster, like lowering resolution. Game was running pretty slow for me. And it seems that, not only for me, the thing of recovering BP isn't quite clear. It's common to give upgrade points even on defeat, in this kind of game, but I won't question that.
One last thing is that I think the combination of upgrading character + game modes is a bit weird O_o
I mean, if you are fully upgraded the game is probably going to be easy anyway. But ok 'xD

I had a lot of fun with this game. It's very polished, the upgrading was fun and interesting, and the special moves were satisfying to use. It ended up a little grind-y, and I should have liked to see more variety of enemies than simply slightly recolored ninjas spamming ninja stars, but all in all they did their job and the game looked good and the controls were responsive.

I have a few criticisms:

1. it's Carpel Tunnel: The Game. I found that particularly when going for combo challenges it became a game of hand endurance (I had a combo randomly break at 2995...do you taste my pain?). I know that's always a hard part about design, particularly when you have a cool click-to-charge effect. I would often end up either pausing or spamming tempests just to give my hand a rest.

2. A lot was poorly explained. A lot of the stats referenced things without a lot of context, and it became a little difficult to determine the economy of certain upgrades. A glossary type thing would help. Also, I pulled off the himitsu gekkyu pretty much by accident and wish that unlocking that would show clearly how it's done.

3. The cutscenes just ached for some narration. They were painfully dull with just that background music, save in ones where that was appropriate (such as the appearances of various ninja levels). Voice acting for all characters would be nice, but I know how much of a pain that would be, particularly for such a long opening sequence. I thought the style was appropriate, though the blood animation still isn't quite there yet (it is admittedly rather hard to do right, and I still have trouble with it).

4. I've never had a relic break? Is that a bug?

vipervgames responds:

The lesser relics dont break. The game was way off behind schedule and since im doing 95% of the game, some things never got the chance to be improved fully. Also im nearing the 20mb limit and the game already had 6+ bgms. I apologize if the cutscenes feel a bit dull.
The combo ledger relic synths well with the combo upgrade as normal hits no longer break your combo.. Loled at carpal tnnel.

I have 100 % completion and all medals, so I guess it's time to make a review.
and brag.
the game is fun, especially the bugged void aura, I got to 2000 combo without maxing my skill, I only couldn't continue the combo, because I killed everyone at the same time.
it was hard at times, but only at few levels, the final boss was the only one who gave me trouble, but victory was sweet, for I beat it in extreme conditions, at night in fool mode, without any relic, without trying karma catch, yeah, both me and the game is boss.
I only farmed 3 fights, and only later in the game, because I was speeding through the levels ( at fool mode of course). the only time I lowered the difficulty was to get the hero and the slayer achievements.
now back to the game
the stasis uncut version really helped understand the story, I just cannot understand why would you cut that version at the start of the game.
the art is nice, similar to many mmo games art.
but the add that stops the game is annoying,
the charging attack are not really great, mainly because it takes time (bp) and makes you vulnerable to enemies , and how was I supposed to know that you had to press d then let go and press s and LMB to use rising moon slash, I figured it out eventually ( after I beat the boss), it's not like I wanted to use the move I maxed out the instant I got it [sarcasm].
but really, this game is great but I would rather hold for the second wolf to come in auto mode, I mean, I like to change the direction of the attack instantly to destroy explosive shurikens, but I do not like running after corpses for blood. so a great game overall.

Ps: do the critical hits make more blood come out? because only in the end game when i maxed it did I start not starve for blood.

vipervgames responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game. And yes critical hits increase the chance of making enemies spray blood streams. For the stasis citscene i had lots of complaints about the story being top intrusive of gameplay. Specially the beginninh. Again thanks for playong and congrats on the medals.

i beat the final boss on the hardest difficulty it was easy it took a bit to actually damage the bitch but i won and didn't lose any health i am a gamer god ahaha but on a serious note this game is crazy fun and i enjoyed playing still haven't gotten all the medals but no big i can work on it later bye for now newgrounds