Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

Very good game. Highly worthy.


I honestly spent 5 hours on this game... I have no life. On a side note, this game is really good! 5 Stars!

vipervgames responds:

thanks for enjoying it with your 5 hour-worth of soul points.

The game's really good., but I kept opening a bunch of windows for gamemazing.com and by the time i could get them closed, I was killed.
0 stars out of 5 - why the hell would I want to check out your website in the middle of the game? Move that link to the title menu.

vipervgames responds:

why the hell would you click at the lower left part of the screen when all the action happens mid-above all the time? hah at least you said it's good. thanks for the reasonable rating.

Oh my god this game is awesome my first time
playing it thumbs up for it
- iceman

vipervgames responds:

many thanks!