Reviews for "Forbidden Arms"

great game, but unfortunately it lags alot with those combo animations :(

Epic game

This game is very fun and addictive, but some voice acting with the cutscenes could help the player understand the story more and the dialogue tends to move for itself sometimes. Don't get me wrong I love this games concept and style but there is a consequence fore the 'Bloodlust' mechanic. The sword constantly craves blood and needs to be fed, I get that but the consequence is that having so many characters on the screen at once causes lots of frame rate issues and could be game-breaking to some players. Now, some people could say this is part of the challenge of the game but I see this as a "Unfixable flaw" if you will. Because if you decrease the amount of enemies present in each level, you might find it harder to 'Feed The Beast' which throws the difficulty setting out the window. But in the in I love this game despite its very many flaws.

I would buy this is they made it for PSN. This game is great! Lots of replayability and great sounds.

a change quality option woulda been handy for slower pc liek mine