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The Cube

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A fast-paced minimalist game in which you are tasked with collecting the rouge cube, it's never as easy as it sounds . In this boss bash meets elegant puzzle masterpiece you'll never see what's coming next.

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Clever game, just too short!

Nice game, but sometimes in certain levels, I randomly walked everywhere and I hit the cube.
Also the second level is unoriginal and the 5th one is extremely tedious (though really enjoyable)

Plus, this was almost as long as a demo. If it was, just put (demo) infront of the title instead of luring people in.

Recently played this game for an episode of my YouTube series. I enjoyed it for the most part, though it was on the short side. While I like the simplistic art style, and don't mind the no story, the puzzles were pretty easy and the character controlled like he was on ice. Good game, but wouldn't play twice. 3/5 stars. (If you're interested in seeing the video I did, my channel is KorPlaysGames.)

The game is pretty ok.
The concept is pretty cool, and the music is fantastic, but in the end it's still a buggy game. I enjoyed some levels, but mostly the main idea behind every level. I didn't finish the game, I must say, but I played enough to catch the point. Overall, I enjoyed the game, but I'm hoping for a longer and less buggy sequel.

+no buggs and easy controls/objectives
-very short and no storyline what so ever
(why do i want the cube ? is it worth a lot or did it like ... kill my family ? )