Reviews for "The Cube"

The only problem I had was a glitch on the Mirrored level. Kept falling through the floor.

Really loved that game, but man, it's too short!!!

Beat it in under 3 minutes, it was good but Christ, if I'm able to beat a game that quickly that's no good.

Very good game, but far too short

Aaa~ This Is Just What The Ol' Brain Needed. A Little Casual Gaming The Makes Me Develop Arthritis And Tear My Own Hair Out Strand by Strand. Just Like Mario In The Old Days :D

Nah, This Was Fun. Kind Of Short But Still Took Me A Good 10 Minutes To Finish. Three Levels I Got Kind Of Stuck On; Copycat, The Snake, And Not So Fast. All Of Which I Beat When I Thought Of A Real Way To Beat Them XD

Review, Review, Review... Okay. One Thing I Could Harp On Was Animation, But Hey. It's A Cube Game For A Reason, Right? Animation Really Isn't A Factor, So We Can Skip Over That. The Soundtrack Was Amazing, Fit In With The Game Really Well. (And Made Me Rock Side to Side Multiple Times >_>)

All In All, It's A Simple Game That Had Even A Game Master Such As Myself Thinking On My Feet. It Throws Into The Middle Of The "Action" (For Lack Of A Better Word) With No Hints But The Title, And Tells You To "Figure It Out!!". Which I Rather Like ;D

I Give This Game A 90%. I Hope To See That "To Be Continued..." Come True!

-9/10. -SPR