Reviews for "The Cube"

good concept but too many glitches makes me fraustrated

Good game, but a bit short and with a few glitches, like on the "not so fast" level where I was either stuck to a block or fell through the ground, And I managed to survive the "victory!" level on my second play

Well programmed and I enjoyed the consistent controls. This felt incomplete, as though after a long day of hard programming you stopped and just wanted to publish what you had. So far so good. Now continue and the next version should be at least thrice as long.

I am a bit disappointed in this. The game starts off perfect. Good music, cool title screen/tutorial, fair mechanics, and increased difficulty. However, it literally lasted a total of 2 minutes with only one death. A bit underdone in my opinion. I say try to take the time to develop more levels and keep the player intrigued. Leaving a "To Be Continued" does no justice unfortunately. :/
Keep everything else, but only add to this more and you'll have an amazing game. Cheers!

fun but way way 2 short i almost dont want a # 2