Reviews for "The Cube"

Incredible execution,

The most annoying thing about this game is that it has a lot of potential. With this idea of a self-conscious cube, there are infinitely fascinating level designs possible. However, the game limits itself to very basic concepts that can be understood and mastered so quickly it takes both the fun and reward out of getting to the cube. There is no depth to the game; it is just a simple, shallow piece about getting from Point A to B. Another letdown is how plain and repetitive the visuals are. The room is filled with blocky squares and rectangles; heck, you even play as a rectangle. Perhaps if the main character was more interesting, or was even a character, you could have built up a story and perhaps given the player more reason to waste a few minutes on the game, seeing as it is so short. I've played through tutorials longer than "The Cube". I really respect the minimalist style, you know, "less is more", but I think you kind of warped is out of context so it's more like "less is less". In the description, it explains that the game is never as easy as it sounds, but I've realized that even someone with barely any experience with platformers or problem solving (or both) could complete this game with ease because it is such a no-brainer; the puzzles require no real logic, as the title of each level gives away the objective, and even without such titles it doesn't take a genius to work out the mechanics. I suppose the only shining thing about this game is the soundtrack, which I thought sounded fantastic and fit the theme. Overall, the problem is not what the game is now, but what it could've been with more time and dedication. All it would take is thought and more innovation, and definitely more levels, and the game could become a masterpiece of the puzzle genre. If this is your first game, then I understand why some areas are lackluster, but nevertheless I recommend submitting a more complete and challenging game next time.

pretty interesting with the puzzles, I am hopeful that you will make more levels later I'd love to keep playing.

Good but short.

There are many games like this here on Newgrounds. Almost all games like this that I've played have something that this one doesn't have, a story, a stupid story but that story represents why you are making the game, what you are thinking. That's the main thing that your game needs. It would be cool if you add more levels to the game because it's quite short and easy.