Reviews for "The Cube"

Very challenging but I happen to finish it all... bring on the 2nd one

There is a small glitch on the moving walls level, if I stay on the border between two walls while they move, I pass to inside the walls unharmed and can just walk from there, this makes this level too easy and I find that glitch the two times that I played that level.

Nice and Creative, reminds me of mini games. Great level ideas as well

good start, cant wait to play a more in-depth/challenging update!

OMG at the begining i didn't know the game had started so i just stood the for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time until i thought it was frozen and started hitting my computer and then I was pressing ranbom keys (including the arrow keys) and i found out that i was that rectangle
you should really put a sign or something or...somekind of warning so ppl know it started