Reviews for "The Cube"

Too short, and there's nothing unique or thought-provoking. I was disappointed with the last level because it more a matter of luck and moving quickly than it is thinking your moves through.

Minimalist bull****

Make a real game with a real objective.
Mind dumps don't count.

Meh. Nothing too great about this.

Short and glitchy, I can't even say it was short but sweet because there's absolutely nothing interesting in this game. There are no clever puzzles, the mechanics are as bare-bones as you can get, and there's no good platforming. The last level was infuriating because the rectangle would glitch through the floor and couldn't move fast enough to dodge the pillars, and I'm still not sure how I beat the snake level.

Also, while it doesn't have anything to do with the game, I think it's necessary to point out the description for this game. "Elegant puzzle masterpiece" is pretty laughable, but it's just a matter of opinion and stuff like that is to be expected from the creator of the game. "Boss bash", though... what the fuck?

Fun, but very short.