Reviews for "The Cube"

A rectangle is hardly an appreciable character anyways, grey is a dull color furthermore.
Physics were very unforgivable on the spinning block level, like trying to jump on and off of a spinning ice cube...
Crashed (froze) my browser after the 'snake' level.
Wasn't worth finishing after that.

i just rate this game

Very good concept, especially with the smooth controlling. Not too many glitches. On the "not so fast", when you get crushed from underneath, you can survive in the the block and just wall jump up. Don't know if that's a glitch, or a tip..

The levels seemed like they were just too basic. I suggest using more shapes, like the ones in the mirror image, to create more... creative levels.

Lookin' forward to the next game.

goooooooood game boy

fell though the floor in the "copycat" level and was unable to move.