Reviews for "The Cube"

like it

Short But Good Game.

I started off liking this game, it was pretty neat and I liked the progression. Until the level titled "Not So Fast".
I cannot name a single instance in my life where I was more cheated by a game than that moment. That level is so buggy and full of glitches that I couldn't continue playing, despite the fact that I wanted to play the whole thing to give you a fair score. On that level you cannot slide across the floor properly like on other levels, you also get phased off the screen if you're not in the exact right spot. The infinite screen shake lags the crap out of the system, and it's horrible. I "beat" that level on my first try, except as I was about to grab the black block, I was just phased out of the level for no reason. That level is flawed, and ruined the entire game for me. I'm sorry, fix that.

The only problem I really have about this game is that it's controls like an ice stage, some of the levels are aren't very complete, and a lot of the levels are cliche. Overall, it's a very entertaining game.

F**k the advertisement ... jajajaj veery original I like it very very much!