Reviews for "The Cube"

The Visuals are simple but rather smooth looking and quite enjoyable, however the bad level design and glitchy gameplay just simply don't cooperate together.

Ok...where to start?

First up, it's not a masterpiece. Not at all. The idea is good and holds alot of potential yes. Games like "this is the only level" showed that. This game, however, is more nay than yay.

I do not have alot against the visuals, because they are clearly intendet to be minimalist and this style also works in favor of the game. Still, a BIT more animation would have been desirable.
The music choice is also ok.

Where it fails for me are the levels.
Mind you, not all were horrible. Some were pretty decent, but there is nothing extraordinary about these that stands out. Doppelganger, invisible walls and the like have been done ad infinitum. Those levels that seem to be somewhat interesting, like "not so fast", have been executed poorly, probably due to lack of testing in development or because they were not thought through enough.

So we have 3 ok levels and 2 broken ones until I decided that I had enough. Turns out that, by reading the comments of the other people, I've actualy seen everything and that it ends with "to be continued". I assume that this was some sort of "demo" for us, to get us excited for more. Unfortunately, it backfired. It's not a horrible game, but nothing extraordinary and nothing I would pick up again, let alone asking for more of it.

It was very good and entertaining with some really fantastic music, but way too short and unfinished due to bugs and not putting in all the levels. I really think you should add all the levels into the game before doing like 5 then saying "to be continued". Maybe in future complete your games before uploading them onto newgrounds

Fun, but too glitchy. Would be awesome if it wouldn't keep freezing and randomly moving!

hmm.. not so fast is really hard i keep glitching threw the floor btw everyothing is awesome