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Dungeon Legends

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Level 2! 10 Points

You just Leveled up!!

Starting the Journey! 10 Points

You started the game and walked! (And watched the ad)

Reached Level 12! 100 Points

You Nearly completed the game!

Author Comments

Update your Flash Player to the Latest before playing!

There is Instructions. Play the game to see.
You will hear a Pling sound when you get a medal
Latest Update (1.1fix):
- Fixed all the bugs
- Added Numerical HP

Walk through the Dungeons that the Legends has told in this Dungeon Crawler RPG!
Reach Dungeon Level 4 to Complete the game!
(A Plot and a story will be added)
Features (Right now):
- 4 Different Weapons!
- 2 Useable Items!
- 7 Different Monsters!


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I like the idea of the game, but the game was confusing. You couldn't go back, there were people who I didn't know what to do. I think if it had a story, the screen was bigger, and it explained more, then it would be better.

So here I was, grinding away on dungeon level 1, trying to build my character up to level 12. I got all the way to level 10, and then suddenly I died. Like a goblin just dealt a sudden death blow to me somehow. Maybe my life dwindled away slowly and I didn't notice. But whatever happened, that really sucked. There's no way I'm doing all that grinding over again.

There are a lot of flaws in this game. To start with, any game that requires grinding is poorly designed. The button layout is kinda dumb. There's no difference between any of the directions you can move, so they should be combined into one button. Also, attack and pick up are superfluous because they're each only used on specific things with no overlap. So there should just be two buttons. The first button would move you to another random room, and the second button should interact with whatever is in the room. So the second button would pick stuff up, attack an enemy, or go down a ladder. And there need to be more hotkeys. And it should be harder to pass up an item without picking it up. Like maybe you could set it to pick stuff up automatically, or maybe the button to move would become the button to interact when you encounter an item. And you should be able to swap out an equipped item for a new item without needing space in your inventory to unequip the item first. And it doesn't make sense to even have an option to drop an item seeing as you can sell an item anywhere.

There's something to be said for execution: a great if minimalistic idea can fall flat without the proper balance and coding.

Despite the obvious potion glitch (love that, btw xD), a game is hideously unbalanced if a high level character can get killed on the easiest stage solely due to bad luck, and it's happened to me personally more than once. It also hampers the PC when side quests themselves (i.e. the five slimes one), won't work either.

It's really quite a shame when the game itself is quite fun, but when anyone with half a shred of intelligence can realize that the only feasible way of nailing the Level 12 badge is to grind the first level, and even then you can still get killed by blind luck (or really, lack thereof).

It's such a waste too. All the game needs are a few bug fixes and a BGM track or two, and it would skyrocket the overall acceptability of the experience to at least three stars. =/

Grinded to level 12 on the first dungeon floor.
Health doesn't go up, so I'm left with 10 health as it is at the start.

There was no point in getting to level 12 as strength remained at 7. Yay a medal.

I'm not sure where you find the 4th weapon, but if it cannot be found on floor 1 I'm not sure this game can be won as it's. I read in a review that it looks like the basic sword.

I'd remove the basic sword from the shop as there's no reason to buy that (you start with it), then if the best sword appears I'll know what it's without having to shift-check every sword I see with that same icon.

I played this a few times, floor 2 doesn't seem possible.

The Slime and Goblin missions don't work. I tried it in both Chrome and Firefox.
Flash version 11.8.800.97 for Chrome.

This would get 1-1.5 stars more from me without these issues.

I really like pixel art games. Only lacked information on how the game plays. I saw the beginning of the game you have, but then you start playing I forgot what are the commands.

TheeCoffee responds:

I think that was the thing in the old days. You had to remember controls.

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2013
1:10 AM EDT