Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

Not bad, and fun until the game starts getting buggy.
I'm stuck on dungeon 3 going around in circles even though I have found the ladder numerous times.
I enjoy the fact that this is a basic, minimalist dungeon crawler like games of old. But I wish there was some kind of music to spruce up the now mundane task of exploring these dungeons.
It looks like you've been keeping up with your support of this game. That is awesome.
I hope you can take care of the level glitch soon so I can come back and play some more.
Keep up the good work!

Fun at first, but starts to get repetitive after a while.

The UI looks decent and it is an at least functional dungeon crawler, but I'm not seeing where the real fun or strategy is. Click arrow keys to randomly move you forward to find stuff, is it a bag? press button to pick it up, is it a monster? click one button until it dies or you lose, repeat. The gameplay has no variety, there is no music, no animations, its like watching a slideshow, and adding a few items to the list of items the game can generate will not change that.

I'm glad to see that this game is getting continual support and undergoing constant revision, growing and changing all the time, overall though I think it needs to grow and change in some huge ways before reaching the level of something engaging.

Can buy anything for free and sell it back -> unlimited gold.
Got +6 weapon at beginning of the game
Game doesnt get past level 5. I m going downstairs, it stays 5.
There is no positionning. I mean if i make a 360°, i dont face the same place. So any arrow seem to drive you into a random place.

But graphics, concept, sound are nice.

I played the previous version and the game was good, a little bit too hard but well, I couldn't stop playing for 30 min trying to finish it.
Now that there is gold and new weapons, it seems a little bit easier, but with some serious issues :
- when there is a mission to kill a certain species, the counter won't go up, and you're stuck having t do it even if you know it's impossible...
-the shopkeeper gives away health potions, he claims no gold for it, making the game a lot easier considering how often you meet him.
-I tried to go down to level 4, but got stuck at level 3...
Apart from that good game ! And if monsters with 20 HP could give a little bit more experience than monsters with 5HP, it would be even better !