Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

The game is alright. wish the shop dude sold more potion but oh well. the one thing i did find in this game is there you can get a item for free just buy unequiping your weapon. the shop guy had a monster killer where my equipped weapon would go. when ever i unequip my weapon a monster killer would appear in my inventory for free and i still keep my gold.

TheeCoffee responds:

I Fixed that now :)

+No annoying music

-Seems unfinished
-Weapons that you longer cannot be sold
-Not much of a thrill fighting a single monster every 10 or so shopkeepers

TheeCoffee responds:

It is unfinished, Look at the version.
I will add so you can sell them.

fun game, but very glitchy. Whenever I tried to unequip a weapon, or get rid of my equipped weapon, a basic sword would randomly appear in my inventory.

TheeCoffee responds:

Do you have a full inventory?
EDIT: I Fixed it

It's good for what it is, but I seem to have found a few things though.
Whenever I find a shopkeeper I can't move away from them and somehow find monsters that I can't defeat or see because there is a shopkeeper in the way. I've also found a bag of gold that never seems to run out.
Like I said, it's good for what it is at the moment, but a few glitches here and there

TheeCoffee responds:

hmm....... Thanks for saying the glitches. Will fix them right away

This is a pretty alright game, classic dungeon crawling, pretty nice visuals. Though it seems lacking with out music. The game play is fine all almost every aspect. I can't say I'm a fan of the player getting any more hit points for leveling, or the fact that after you kill a monster there is still the chance you lose hit points, I find it unnecessary that you can die, after what was attacking you is already dead. It gave me the sense that it didn't matter what level you were, seeing as killing a slime, or any monster for that matter, in one hit, could still kill your character.

TheeCoffee responds:

Thanks for you Review. I will add so players get more Hitpoints higher levels you become.
This is only in testing Phase :)