Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

Could definitely use more tweaking, found more than a few bugs. I enjoyed it, but it's very unfair if you aren't lucky from the start and find a better weapon, so maybe less randomness from the start.

Yes I have the latest Flash Player, no the money glitch is not fixxed.
Also, I couldn't use any of the ladders to get to dungeon 4, I was stranded in dungeon 3 for about 50 ladders (some were weird looking too).

There is a lot wrong with this game, bugs the most obvious part.
Where is the sense of a lvlup ? Yes it refills your lousy 10hp, I saw that.
But other than that - nothing ?
It doesn't increase you healthpool. neither your base dmg nor base armor, it doesn't even give the option to "skill" one of those 3 stats (there isn't even any kind of flat dmg reduction in this game, who would crawl through a dungeon with no sort of armor ?)
All enemies give the same kind of exp (stronger enemies should give more exp, not that it would matter since a lvlup does near to nothing).
All enemies give the same exp, yet you need more and more exp for lvlups (which again, do nothing except refilling your 10hp).
Health potions are way overpriced for refilling only 2hp.
The legendary Sword has the same sprite as the basic sword, which should be changed, simply because the strongest weapon shouldn't look like the weakest. (make the blade 2 pixxels broad instead of 1 or change the color or something).

See this as constructive criticism and improve this game.
- every lvlup should refill your healthpool + grant 1 base dmg and 1 or 2 max hp (max hp gain is point for balancing)
- alternatively: let the player choose from either + base dmg, +base armor or +max hp every lvlup (values are point to balancing)
- add armor
- tweak mob hp and dmg (armor) values in correspondency to new lvlup / armor system
- tell the player that there are ladders leading deeper into the dungeon and in order to use them, they got to press the 'new' arrow down button
- tweak amount of exp needed for lvlup aswell as amount of exp given by mobs (it should be more attractive to defeat stronger mobs for lvling instead of grinding at dungeon 1 until you can 1shot everything or something like that)
- consider adding a max lvl to put a stop to grinding until the game is stupidly easy (tell the player what the max lvl is)
- tweak health potion restore and mob killer damage amount (make it % ? make it flat, scaling with lvl ? )
- tweak amount of lootdrops and chance of content, tweak gold amount found in those stashes (again, make amount scale either with lvl or with dungeon difficulty ?)

by doing so, you eliminate the pure luck needed to beat this game (without using the shop glitch, which makes the whole game redundant)

yes, that is "a lot" of work to do, but it would make a formidable game, unlike the current state

cheer up and get your ass to work

TheeCoffee responds:

Wow... You mad? but ok. Which version does the game says in the Main Menu?

its a game of luck, not what I was expecting but it was fun for a bit.

"Fixed all the bugs" Money glitch still ingame, and the game is way too hard. Surviving is purely based on if you find a loot sack cause if the game decides to be a jerk and give you a few monsters in a row and you dont have a full inventory of health potions your dead. They are way too expensive

TheeCoffee responds:

For me. The money glitch is gone.

kinda like it, but I have to agree with AstralBlades - without the money glitch, it is mainly coincidence if you survive or not.

I also found another bug, I guess - you don't need a shopkeeper to sell your items; selling works at any place. This makes the 'throw away'-command pretty useless.

Nevertheless, it's fun. Reminds me on good old Elder Scrolls 1 :> I'd love to play an improved version of it!

TheeCoffee responds:

Hmm .. :/ I will try to fix that